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Welcome 2023 - Officer Top Picks!

Which events are your Officer Team most looking forward to during Welcome 2023? We spoke to each of them to find out more about their chosen events...

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The four full time Officers (l-r) Julia (Activities Officer), Panchami (Education Officer), Akhil (W

Julia (Activities Officer) 

Sports and Societies fair  

As your Activities Officer, my favourite events during the Welcome are the Sports and Society fairs. This year we luckily have two, which I think is just great!

They offer the perfect chance for you to explore interests beyond academics. With the over 100 sports and society groups our university offers, it is a fantastic way for you to connect with like-minded peers and build your own community within our university. Even though they serve as an escape from academics, extracurricular activities give you many valuable skills and demonstrate a well-rounded profile, which are valuable both personally and professionally. 

So, remember to save the dates (Wednesday 13 September and Wednesday 4 October) to ensure you are able to come to the Sports and Society fairs!

Aparna (Community Officer)

Officer events

We've got two awesome events lined up for you this year! First up, we've got a lunch party called "Grill and Chill with your SU Officers" happening at Starley Gardens on Friday 15 September. And that's not all – we're also throwing an evening bash called "Wrapping up the Welcome with the SU Officers" on Wednesday 4 October at Square One in the Hub. Both of these are just for you students to hang out, meet new mates, and have a blast together. Make sure to read our insider tips (coming later this week) before attending these events. Don't miss out!

Panchami (Education Officer)

College Fairs and Quizzes

As your Education Officer, my top pick would be college fairs and college quizzes. Make most out of these college fairs, approach each booth with curiosity armed with questions about courses, departments and resources. These resources will be valuable references as you navigate your academic journey. Reflect on the information you collect after the event and consider how it aligns with your needs. It’s a great time to meet and interact with the different Your SU departments, the success coaches talent team, Library Support Team, Centre for the Academic Writing and SIGMA and college officers fair and school reps fair. You can meet Your SU Employability and Skills team, Advice team, societies and clubs. You can also grab some freebies and merchandise! Don’t forget to visit the education department stalls because we can tell you about the paid Rep positions and vacancies within your school.

We are also organising officer tours to discover the nooks and crannies of the city to see the historical landmarks. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather! Join us for a walking tour that's not just about locations; it's about embracing new experiences, making connections, and feeling at home in your new surroundings with us.


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