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The Mind Behind Puppy Yoga!

A brown spaniel puppy, sleeping on someone's lap

In November 2021, Coventry University Students' Union hosted their first ever Puppy Yoga session! The event was a huge success and it was all down to Vejune, who submitted the idea as part of a project proposal for the Wellbeing Community Project!

How did you decide on your project?

I found out about this wonderful opportunity to organise the Wellbeing Community project back in September, however, I couldn't come up with an idea until I saw a Puppy Yoga event in London! As a dog person, I struggled to find tickets for these events as they were always sold out. That's when I knew we should have the session at our University!


What did you have to do to run the project?

I contacted Puppy Yoga Company, and together with Chloe, we organised the date, time, travelling, venue, created graphics, advertising for social media, and the event got sold out in a day! I also asked Student Media Team's society for a few photographers to memorise the session. Everyone who participated loved the session, puppies, felt relaxed, and didn't want to leave! We got so many requests to repeat the event, therefore, there will be two more sessions in March.


What do you think were the benefits of doing this project?

This opportunity improved my organisation, communication, time-management, and creativity skills. It was exciting to put effort into planning and see how happy students (and puppies) were!




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