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I Love My Staff - CU Scarborough

Our annual I Love My Staff Awards provide an opportunity for students to recognise university staff members who have made an outstanding contribution to the student experience.

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A group of CU Scarborough staff and students stand in a group at the Scarborough Spa. Some staff mem

We received almost 60 nominations from CU Scarborough students this year, with 24 individual staff members nominated for an award. Our panel of four student judges whittled that number down to 11 staff who each received an I Love My Staff award. 

The awards ceremony was held at Scarborough Spa where guests enjoyed a prosecco afternoon tea. The ceremony was hosted by Acting students Luke Simpson and Selwyn Peterken, with awards presented by students from across CU Scarborough. You can see pictures from the ceremony here!

The Winners

Colin Callaghan
Protection Officer

“I honestly think that he goes above and beyond his duties, and if it was not for his kindness I probably would not have stayed in my studies. He goes outside of his job to make us feel welcome and always have a smile. He is relatable and professional. He is the face of the university – the first and last person we see every day. If Colin doesn’t win, it’s a sham.”  ​

Louise Coyle
Welfare and Disability Advisor

“This staff member has supported me during a difficult diagnosis to ensure that I received the best available help to get my assignments completed without delaying my degree qualification. She continues to check in on me and help however she can. She is truly caring and kind and has such empathy for what you are going through. I could not have finished Year 2 without her.”  ​

Amanda Dunn 
Tutor in Health

"This staff member goes above and beyond for her students. She is kind, caring, and exceptionally encouraging when you don't believe in yourself. She always has a smile on her face, and even when she's not teaching your module she always goes out of her way to stop and talk around University, making sure her old students are okay."​

Jane Gill
Tutor in Education

“This staff member is a wonderful tutor. Not only does she check in on how we are learning but she also asks us how our personal lives are. She is non-judgemental and always has time to listen. She brings out our talents and helps us to nurture them.”  

Richard Hill
Course Leader in Law

"I cannot express enough how much I appreciate this member of staff for truly inspiring me every single day. Their expertise in their field is invaluable and as students it is an honour to learn from someone who is as knowledgeable and dedicated to "the job" as this person is. They deliver knowledge with innovation and the student experience at heart. They are unwaveringly kind and have the unique ability to make students believe in themselves, their abilities and worthiness of the career."

Charlotte Kennedy
Tutor in Health

“This staff member supports everyone in the class, no question is ever stupid and she will explain things in different ways to suit your learning style if you ask. She is funny and makes learning fun, she is approachable and always has a smile if you see her around the building. I will remember her for a long time after my university journey has ended because she has made a real impact on my life.”  ​

Diana Logan
Course Leader in Acting

"This staff member is always supportive and mindful of individual student needs [...], providing insight into outside uni opportunities e.g. helping students run facilitation workshops, free tickets to selected shows and urging students to create their own bodies of work e.g. open mic nights."

Amy Matthews
Course Leader in Education

​“This staff member always goes above and beyond to support myself and my peers, even when she is not our module lead. She makes herself available even when she’s extra busy if she knows we need a chat or are struggling. Our class think she should get recognition for her hard work and dedication to her role and her pupils. Personally, I know that without her support, my time at CUS would not be the same.”

Adnan Mouhiddin
Tutor in Law

“This staff member has repeatedly gone above and beyond to ensure that his students have a thorough and complex understanding of their subject area for their dissertation, Nothing is ever too much trouble for him and he makes it his mission to not only make sure that you understand what you are doing but in making you believe that you are capable of doing it too. His kindness is unlike any I have ever known and I will forever be grateful to him.”  ​

Frances Simpson
Tutor in Psychology

“This staff member is the most inspirational woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has inspired me to see my worth. She created a safe space for me and my class to be seen and to be heard which many of us have never had in our lives before. If I become half the woman she is, I’ll know I have made it in life.”  ​

Camilla Stevenson
Tutor in Cyber Security

“The course has seen gargantuan improvements since this staff member started their role. She has never stopped trying (and succeeding) in creating a great environment for students. She has become a cornerstone of our department and I know that her presence will have a major positive effect on cohorts yet to come. She is truly an inspiring lecturer.”  

The Nominees

Also nominated for an I Love My Staff Award were:

  • Sophie Baggllay
    Welfare and Disability Advisor
  • Katherine Boagey
    Course Leader in Nursing
  • Sarah Carr
    Student Advice Caseworker, Your Students' Union
  • Elizabeth Cyrus
    Widening Participation Specialist
  • Hannah Degge
    Tutor in Health
  • Hayley Garton
    Careers Development Consultant
  • Richard Gould
    Course Leader in Access to HE
  • Tom Page
    Librarian & Academic Skills Officer
  • Bronia Pennycook-Gibson
    Course Leader in Nursing
  • Ruth Reader
    Tutor in Nursing
  • Heidi Saxby
    Tutor in Health
  • Shane Thurlow
    Course Leader in Sport Performance & Coaching and Applied Psychology

Judges and Presenters

Your Students' Union would like to thank the following students for their valued contribution to the running of this event:

  • Emanuella Akatah
  • Chris Allon
    Tech support, judge, and presenter
  • Cherie Fowler
    Judge and presenter
  • Michael Kendall (Your SU Campus Officer)
    Judge and presenter
  • Selwyn Peterken
  • Mohammed Rajput
  • Rachel Rattigan
  • Luke Simpson



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