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SU Awards Scarborough: The Winners!

Find out who won at this year's Scarborough SU Awards!

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A student cheerfully announces a winner at the SU Awards.

This year's SU Awards aimed to celebrate the very best of CU Scarborough. We received a phenomenal 188 nominations across 8 awards, with 76 staff and students being nominated. Our brilliant student judging panel shortlisted and selected the winners, who were announced at a celebration event on campus on Wednesday 3 April.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to the Operations team for supporting the event, and the Atrium Café for providing a wonderful afternoon tea spread for all attendees. A big thank you as well to our student judges Michael, Emma, Jess, Matt, and Mohammed. 

Here are the winners - and what their nominators had to say about them!

Professional Services Staff Member of the Year

This award recognises a staff member who makes a huge contribution to students’ experience while not delivering the core curriculum in the classroom. 

Winner: Louise Coyle

“Louise offers her support to students with a warm, understanding, inclusive and kind manner, she clearly communicates and has a really positive approach to bridging the gaps for students and staff between problems and solutions.”

“I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to have had Louise as my support during my time at university. Her exceptional help truly made all the difference for me. She collaborated with a success coach, suggested 1-2-1 sessions with my tutor, referred me to the spirituality team in Coventry, assisted me with DSA, and kept updates on PTSD treatment. Louise's unwavering dedication and support gave me the strength to complete my treatment and continue my studies while holding down a job. As I approach graduation, I am filled with gratitude and appreciation for Louise's kindness and guidance. Without her, I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have today. Thank you, Louise!”

Academic Staff Member of the Year

This award recognises a staff member who makes a huge contribution to students’ experience inside the classroom. They are a motivating and inspiring teacher with passion for their subject.

Winner: Jenny Epoyun-William

“Great tutor and mentor, goes above and beyond to help out, takes time to explain everything and really cares for her class. Loves teaching law to her students, is very passionate about teaching, always willing to help and pushes us to be the best we can be.”

“Jenny is an amazing tutor. She goes above and beyond to help her students and her feedback is the best. She definitely deserves the award!”

“I am nominating Jenny as she is an asset to not only the university but to the Law students as well. She has helped us in every way possible in respects of guidance with work and achieving jobs in a legal field. She always goes above and beyond and there is nothing too much to ask she will always try and help or find a way to help.”

“Dr. Jenny is an outstanding teacher who consistently goes above and beyond for her students. She challenges us to think creatively and critically about the subject, often encouraging us to examine it from a cross-jurisdictional perspective. This approach has greatly broadened our understanding of Law. Recently, she invested an enormous amount of work into organising Law Day, an event that provided us with invaluable experience. We witnessed first hand the immense effort she put into making the event successful. Dr. Jenny has been very supportive and encouraging throughout our studies. She takes a personal interest in our career goals and aspirations and offers valuable advice and guidance to help us achieve them.”

Unsung Hero 

This award recognises a student or staff member who has made significant contributions to the CU Scarborough community without seeking recognition. Their efforts have had a positive impact on the lives of others, and they are dedicated to making CU Scarborough a better place.

Winner: Colin Callaghan

“Because he is the best and we all love him and he feeds us.”

“He looks after students catering to their needs. Ensuring the right people are coming into the building and welcomes everyone.”

“Always has a smile on his face and you can always have a laugh with him.”

“Great guy, will help with anything and is funny, reliable and an all rounder.”

“He is the most welcoming staff member that I personally have met at CUS, he always gives students a warm welcome when coming on to campus.”

“Always there for everyone.”

“Colin is always so welcoming and always makes us feel safe. He is definitely an asset to the uni.”

“When I first arrived on campus, I struggled with anxiety around people. Colin was one of the first people I met, and his kind and polite nature quickly won me over. Over the second and third years, our relationship grew stronger. One day, when he found out I was having trouble finding a job, he told me about an advertised vacancy, which led me to my current job, which I love and work hard at. I have amazing colleagues and friends through this job, which has completely changed my life. I will undoubtedly miss Colin and am grateful for his help and friendship."

Outstanding Contribution to Student Voice

This award recognises a rep who has shown outstanding commitment to student voice, by bringing particularly detailed and precise feedback to every single meeting, and working outside of meetings to represent not just their class but all CU Scarborough students on key issues that matter to everyone.

Winner: Eliz Enverova

“This person did everything well and is more than qualified to become a Course Representative. As the course representative, she listens to the needs and requirements of other students and advocates for their rights in discussions to assist them.”

“Eliz is committed to finding out what students think and will always bring up and issues that need resolving. She always asks students for feedback and will attend every student voice meeting and speak her mind. This is good because she is proactive and keen to try and make a difference.”

“I see this student as a candidate because she establishes good relationships and communicates with everyone about their problems or in any area they are good at. This person is a good speaker and makes easy connections with other students, helping and motivating them.”

Outstanding Contribution to Student Life

This award recognises a student who has shown amazing commitment to improving the student experience at CU Scarborough, both by getting involved with anything and everything that's going on, and also by taking a lead and developing opportunities for students themselves.

Winner: Emmanuella Akatah

“They have created a welcoming environment to many students when they have first started their journey at CUS.”

“Was previously a campus officer and a great student.”

"She demonstrated exceptional dedication for students’ safety. Organised a community for international students making them feel welcomed and seen. Actively engaged with students’ concerns. Friendly; checks on students’ wellbeing, gives you a nice bright smile when you see her.”

“In her time not only as a campus officer but as a student in CU Scarborough she was a fierce advocate and was always ready for a challenge going above and beyond to show up for students.”

Rising Star

This award recognises a Foundation, Access to HE or first-year undergraduate student who has shown outstanding dedication to their course so far. They will have been committed to their academic studies and to the wider CU Scarborough community.

Winner: Annabel Grant

“Annabel is a year 1 Public Health & Community Studies student. Anabel is a committed and consistent student. She attends classes and works hard with her studies and with her peers on formative and summative work. Takes a keen interest in every visiting speaker or visit we have and shows a real commitment to making sure she is getting the most out of every opportunity and chance open to her. In class, she speaks out, challenges respectfully, and shows careful consideration. Overall, she is a kind and conscientious member of the class who shows a real commitment to her learning.”

Undergraduate Student of the Year

This award recognises a second or third year undergraduate student who has shown outstanding dedication to their course. They will have been committed to their academic studies and to the wider CU Scarborough community.

Winner: Ayoola Dada

“Great leadership skills by being the president of the international student society founded by him. Assisted international students in finding their way around the university and even around the town. Demonstrated great sportsmanship at the Staff vs Students football match which contributed to student winning. Dedicated and makes great contributions in class and liked by all his tutors and course mates.”

“Demonstrated exceptional athletic performance by helping the student team win against the staff team at the annual university football match. Exhibited strong leadership qualities as the student union President working hand in hand with the campus officer and the SU. he has contributed positively to the sports program.”

Course of the Year

Course of the Year will be awarded to an academic course team who have championed student voice on their course and ensured student experience is at the forefront of everything they do. Students on the winning course will feel their contributions are valued and have collaborated with staff to improve delivery of the course.

Winner: Law and Practice

“Great course, learning all the different aspects of law.”

“This has been a fascinating course, as it's given me a wealth of knowledge that I can apply to my daily routine. For example, let's take car parks in public places; it was fascinating to discover that the signs claiming 'liability not accepted' actually don't hold any legal weight. Our deep dive into liability laws was incredibly thought-provoking, and I gained a lot of insight into the nuances of these regulations. It's been made crystal clear that liability cannot be limited in that way.

Another highlight of the course was Law Day, where we had the opportunity to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and legal expertise. We brainstormed together to contribute to the initiative and enjoyed having lawyers from various cities, including London, Doncaster, Whitby, Scarborough, and beyond. We even had an international corporate solicitor from Andrew Jackson and a practitioner from London who has worked in the judicial circuit! We tackled various exciting tasks, including mock interviews, researching briefs, and even applying for legal positions. Our student representation via the SU has tirelessly advocated for vocational and industry-level excursions like court visits, with requests received and honoured. We even had a lesson from an experienced policeman on Court Etiquette, which was great fun!

We're grateful for these opportunities to connect with our local community, and we can't wait to see what the future holds. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our learning journey. Finally, all students in the third year are on track to graduate with a 2:1 or above!”

“As a third year it has been a love and hate relationship with the law course alot of things have come late and will not help us but it is good to see an improvement within the course in our time here, for example the starting of law days and talks.”

“Small but perfectly formed, the Law course is a true collaboration of students and staff. It is in the early stages of development but student voice is always loud and clear.”

Congratulations to all nominees for your amazing work!



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