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Find out what your CU Scarborough Campus Officer has been up to during Block 4!

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Michael wears a Your SU hoody and is smiling at the camera outside CU Scarborough.

Hello all!

We have now officially reached a huge milestone and for those who started in September, another year of studies completed! Although this is also a bittersweet time as those who have now completed their studies leave us, as they secure further study or job opportunities across a variety of organisations. This also a natural time to reflect and look back at all the successes and achievements that have been made throughout the year and more specifically, block 4.

Throughout this block, I have seen many different events and achievements on campus, seeing various individuals thrive and develop during their time at university. The Student Voice Meetings are a key time to witness students use  their skills and knowledge as they present their feedback to staff and look for solutions together. This process is a vitally important part of course development and every voice really can make a difference, which is something that all reps recognise. The student voice programme allows all students to help shape the future of their course, as it continues to develop and change, even after students complete their studies. I would like to thank all the reps who have been involved this year and it would be great for you all to continue as a rep through the next academic year.

As we progressed throughout the block, I had the privilege of being writing about a topic I am passionate about, mental health. Entitled ‘Does My Student Mind Matter?’ the article focuses on how the university experience can affect your mental health and the variety of issues and struggles that students can face whilst they study their degree. It talks about the perception that the media has on student mental health and addresses how this has changed over time, yet in a post pandemic society, students still face the same issues. As a society and on a wider scale, it needs to be accepted that there is no perfect university experience, but your experience can be improved, even though the tough times, if you reach out for help and support when it is needed the most.

As an officer within Your Students' Union, I have the privilege of having an amazing set of colleagues and fellow officers, who work tirelessly on subjects and topics they are passionate about. Layna, a part time officer for the College of Arts and Societies in Coventry, is currently running a campaign which addresses the various issues that neurodivergent students face whilst studying at university. By working alongside Layna, I can work towards providing changes to ensure a more inclusive campus for all Scarborough students.

Finally, one of the most prestigious times within the academic calendar year for Your SU is the awards season. As a current officer, I had the honour of being on the judging panel, reading through such a high volume of nominations, which showed just how proud we are as students of our fellow students and tutors from across the university. Our awards season climaxed with a wonderful awards ceremony conducted on campus, which I had the privilege of co-presenting and leading what was a fantastic and enjoyable event for all. Being able to see all the awards handed out to such deserved winners was incredible to watch. I would like to thank my fellow judges on the panel, all the students who took time to nominate individuals, all the nominees themselves and all those who supported and attended the event. Congratulations to all the deserved winners!

For those of you who are leaving us for pastures new, good luck in all that you do going forward and be sure to stay in touch with us all at Your SU. For those who are returning in September, have a well-deserved rest. Any of you who are continuing your studies in block 5, I look forward to seeing you all around campus very soon!



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