Strategic Plan

Your Students’ Union Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Strategic Plan


Your SU has an amazing history of activity, support, inclusion and representation since the Lanchester College of Technology (the predecessor to Coventry University Group) formed its first Students’ Union in 1960.

We have a history of doing things first, doing things differently and involving anyone, whatever their background. This ambitious strategy is designed to continue those traditions as we strive to improve our services for our members.

We exist to support student success and this is our plan of how we will achieve that mission.

Your SU Officers 22/23

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Supporting Student Success


All students at Coventry University Group will fulfil their potential.


We will be helpful

We aim to support students, create solutions and make university life better. We will respond quickly and efficiently to problems and enquiries and use feedback to continually improve our services.

We will be inclusive

We aim to be accessible for all students. We will strive so that everyone who works or engages with us feels that they belong, as diversity makes us stronger.

We will be ethical

We aim for positive social and environmental impact in all our decisions. We will behave with responsibility, integrity and fairness.


  • We will ensure all students have a voice in improving every aspect of their academic experience.

  • We will identify and remove barriers to students succeeding in their course.

  • We will be experts in the student experience across all modes of delivery at Coventry University Group.

  • We will help students to navigate the complexity of university life.

  • We will celebrate our increasingly globalised learning community.

  • We will advocate for value-for-money in all aspects of student life.

  • We will help students to find and create their communities.

  • We will help students overcome the challenges they face in their non-academic lives that impact their studies.

  • We will help students develop as active citizens who create positive social, civic and community impact.

  • We will help students recognise the experience, resilience and confidence they gain whilst at university.

  • We will provide opportunities for students to develop social capital through training, volunteering and work experience.

  • We will partner with Coventry University Group to help students transition into the employment, further study or career progression they deserve.


Areas we will improve to achieve our themes:

  • The SU will hold high status credibility with the University and local partners as an effective and well run SU.

  • We will be respected in the sector for our work, ensure a strong mandate for our Officers and ensure we effectively represent students.

  • The SU will be a growing organisation that balances its entrepreneurialism with its charitable work.

  • We will work in partnership with our communities to ensure that our growth is sustainable and values driven, and that our commercial services support students as well as providing an increased surplus to support the strategic plan.

  • We will grow and maintain healthy channels of communication both to and from students to ensure awareness of SU services.

  • We will understand student needs in all the learning communities of Coventry University Group.

  • The SU will be an excellent employer with effective managers.

  • Staff will understand the strategic goals of the organisation and increasingly the organisation will use its members to deliver activity.

  • The SU will be an inclusive and welcoming place to work.


By August 2026, Your Students’ Union will:

  • Support Coventry University Group to be in the top 25% of the NSS for overall satisfaction (31% in July 2022)

  • Have over 70% of students who are satisfied with the SU as measured by the NSS (61% in July 2022)

  • Reduce in year drop-out rates to 2.5% (4.5% in July 2022)

  • Have over 50% of students as a member of an SU facilitated community (17% in July 2022)

  • Have a turnover of over £5M and spend of over £0.5M on student staff (£3.8M and £70k in July 2022)

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