Undergraduate Study:

It is possible to take out student loans for tuition fees and living costs (maintenance) from Student Finance England. Extra money may be available in the form of non-repayable grants, for instance if you have dependant children or have a disability.

Find a video from Student Finance England summarising what Student Finance is below.

Since August 2017, new Nursing and Midwifery students now come under the general Student Finance regulations (continuing students remain on the old NHS bursary scheme). Additional funding for some undergraduate and postgraduate NHS courses is available through the NHS Learning Support Fund. 

Use the Scholarship Hub's search engine to find out if you are eligible for financial support outside of the Student Finance system. 

Certain elements of student finance are assessed on the sponsor's income i.e. the student's parent or spouse, which will determine the amount awarded. The tuition fee loan and 72% of the maintenance loan are not based on the sponsor's income. Some students are considered 'independent' and their award is also free from income assessment e.g. student over 25, lone parent or where both parents are full-time students.

Part-time students can also get a non-means tested tuition fee loan and a means-tested maintenance loan. The amount awarded depends on the intensity of the course. However, the only grant available is Disabled Students Allowance.

If you are a student in healthcare, social work or teacher training you may be eligible for extra financial help. Find out the eligiblity criteria and what you could receive on the GOV.UK website

However, the student loan system has a number of criteria which would affect eligiblity. It is vital that prospective students meet all the criteria to get an award. Common issues arise when someone already has a Higher Education qualification, years of previous study, and/or have not met the residency rules.


Postgraduate Study:

The cost of Masters or PhD study might seem daunting at first however Prospects have published a comprehensive funding guide to available loans, scholarships and bursaries and have advice on employer sponsorship and working while studying:

Propsects also have a series of webpages which outline different ways that Postgraduate study can be funded, including loans, sponsorhip and crwod-funding. 

Further details of support that may be available are also available on Coventry University’s webpages on Postgraduate Funding. 

There is also useful information and links on the GOV.UK website, especially about the new Masters and Doctoral Loan. 

The University also offers an Alumni discount of 20% off course fees to all alumni commencing study in September 2022 and January 2023 who have been awarded an undergraduate degree by Coventry University Group and who will be applying for a full-time or part-time postgraduate taught course. You must be a self-funded student to be eligible for this. 

In addition, the University offers a cash scholarship worth up to £2,000. This is available to all students applying for a full-time or part-time postgraduate taught degree at Coventry University who achieved a British awarded 1st class undergraduate honours degree from a UK institution. This is a one off payment for the first year of study only. For part-time students, the scholarship will be paid on a pro-rata basis. You must be a self-funded student to be eligible for this.

Find a video from Student Finance England outling the Postgraduate Master's Loan below.


Find a video from Student Finance England outlining the Postgraduate Doctoral Loan below.


How Can Your Advice Service Help You?

We can work with you to check your eligibility for Student Finance England and provide an accurate estimate of how much you would be entitled to as well as working with you to establish your eligiblity for alternative student funding. Please complete our online enquiry form and we will be in contact within 5 working days.

If you have any questions or require advice or support regarding Postgraduate Study and your potential funding options please contact us by completing our online enquiry form

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