Disability History Month

What is Disability History Month?

Disability History Month is supported by many organisations, charities, students, and Unions, ourselves included. The month aims to promote disabled peoples rights and their struggle for equality in the past, present and builds action on what is needed in the future. Disability History month is an annual movement which builds awareness and activity for disabled people. The 2023 Disability History Month national theme focusses on the Experience of Disablement amongst children and young people.

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Influential People who have impacted disability related UK Laws:

Ben Purse

Ben was an early trailblazer for disability rights, leading a march of blind people and people with visual impairments to Parliament in 1920, which led to an important new law.

Rosa May Billinghurst

Influential suffragette and wheelchair user, Rosa played an important role in protests and action in the campaign for votes for women.

Lord Alf Morris

As an MP and member of the House of Lords, Alf became a strong disability rights ally after experiencing inequality first-hand when his father returned from the Great War unable to work due to his injuries.

Anne Begg

Motivated by the challenges she faced to become a teacher, Anne campaigned to become an MP in Parliament to fight for equal opportunities for all, becoming the first ever full-time wheelchair user in the House of Commons.

Baroness Jane Campbell

As a young girl, Jane found herself unfairly excluded from mainstream education and wanted to make sure no one was left out again, by first becoming a disability rights activist, and later a member of the House of Lords.

Deborah Williams

When Deborah, a performer and artist, established her own company to tell her stories, she became such a success that she was invited into Parliament to share her experience and skills with a select committee.

Understanding disability

52% of working age disabled people are in employment, compared to 81% of working age non-disabled people.

Disabled people from BAME backgrounds report greater social inequalities compared to disabled people from white backgrounds.

5-7% of disabled people use a wheelchair.

83% of disabled people acquire their health condition during working age.

Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes, some visible, some hidden. Embark on a journey of discovery and find out more here. You can also grab your disability lanyards from the SU reception in the Hub!

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