CU Coventry

Everything you need to know about Reps within CU Coventry.

At CU Coventry we operate a different system. Below are the roles that you can apply for:

Senior Course Rep

As an Senior Course Rep, you are responsible for representing students within Student Voice Grouping on matters relating to the learning experience. You will build relationships with key staff pertaining to the courses you represent, delivering constructive feedback and providing solutions to improve education for the students you represent. Senior Course Reps should work with their Course Reps to gather information from students they represent to stay in touch with students' views and opinions. They will also receive a payment of up to £50 every 2 blocks.

Course Reps

Course Reps are responsible for representing students on their course. As a Course Rep, you gather feedback from the students you represent and raise it in Student Voice Meetings which are ran by your Senior Course Reps. Any feedback that is resolved should be promoted to students within your course.

To apply for any of these roles submit an application below.

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