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Wed 24th April

Communication Session
6pm - 7pm
Microsoft Teams
Weekly sessions to consistently improve your communication and public speaking skills through various interactive activities!

Fri 7th June

A hand holds up an open book. Behind the book is a sandy beach and the sea. Books by the Beach 2024
7th June 10am - 9th June 8pm

Sat 29th June

Five "Red Arrows" planes fly in formation spraying red and blue smoke. Armed Forces Day 2024
10am - 5pm
Scarborough South Bay

Fri 19th July

Scarborough harbour on a bright and sunny day. Seafest 2024
19th July 6pm - 21st July 5pm
West Pier, Foreshore Road, Scarborough, YO11 1PD

Fri 23rd August

A woman is seated on someone's shoulders in a crowd at a festival, one arm raised in the air. Headland Festival
23rd August 10am - 25th August 3pm
Hulley's Farm, Craven's Hill

Sat 21st September

The Scarborough Pride logo: a purple-filled line drawing of Scarborough castle against a rainbow background with the words 'Scarborough Pride' underneath. Scarborough Pride 2024
noon - 6pm
Scarborough Spa
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