Personalised Resin Ball

Art Society

An amazing experience to create your own crystal ball with Epoxy Resin! A YouTube Video to spark your creativity ♥

The Hub, 1st Floor, Food Courtyard


Thursday 04 April 2024


6pm - 9pm


About the event

Delve into the enchanting world of epoxy resin crafting as you craft your very own crystal ball! 🔮

This unique experience invites you to unleash your creativity and imagination, as you pour, swirl, and design your personalized masterpiece.

Whether you're seeking a mystical keepsake or simply a creative adventure, this event promises an unforgettable opportunity to create something truly unique and magical.

Join us and let your creativity shine as you craft your personalised resin ball!

- Feel free to bring any specific material or objects that you want to add to your ball. -

Because of shipping timeframes, we kindly ask both members and non-members to:

📍Tickets Available from 18th to 20th March 2024 - 9AM.

For Members participating without a ticket, there will be acrylics and watercolors as well as paper sheet ♥

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