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Don't Become a Money Mule
Image of someone putting cash into a washing machine

Criminals are targeting young adults to become money mules by promising quick and easy cash. Read this article to find out how to avoid becoming a money mule, and potentially avoid up to 14 years in prison.

What should I expect from my landlord?
Two FutureLets volunteers in blue t-shirts, smiling and facing the camera. They are manning a stall

Contract confusion got you down? Read on to find out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, and what your landlord can and can't do while you're renting.

Cost of Living Financial Support Update

If you are facing financial difficulties due to the rising costs associated with the cost of living, you may now be eligible for additional support following funding provided to the university by the Office for Students.

Academic Misconduct Case Study - Contract Cheating
Image of someone typing on a laptop

With a growth in the use of "assignment helpers", this week Your Advice Service is focusing on contract cheating. We will also share case studies of other types of academic misconduct.

Academic Misconduct Case Studies

Academic misconduct is any action that would unfairly lead to you having an advantage in assessed work. However, understanding what is and what is not academic misconduct can be confusing. To try and help you develop your knowledge of what is considered academic misconduct, Your Advice Service has written some case studies of the academic misconduct case, outcome and penalty.

Your Advice Service in Numbers

Find out the impact Your Advice Service has had on the student experience.

Academic Misconduct Meetings
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Have you received an invite to an ACV, ACO or ACP? If you have, no matter what the case of academic misconduct is, Your Advice Service is here to guide you through the process.

Permitted Proof-reading
Image of a student proof-reading their work on a laptop and with a pen and paper

Do you know what is and what is not considered proof-reading? Read this article to find out about how you can ensure that you are following academic integrity guidelines whilst proof-reading your work.

5 Support Services to Help You Develop Good Academic Practice
Image of a student revising with a book and laptop

Do you know what good academic practice is? Do you know how to achieve it? Find out about 5 support services available at the University to help you develop good academic practice and ensure your work is the best it can be.

Free Sustainable Period Products and Free Condoms From Your SU!
Photo of period pads, tampons and condoms

Your Students' Union has worked in collaboration with the University to provide free period products to all Coventry University Group students as part of our Cost of Living project. Not only this, but condoms will now be freely available to all Coventry University and CU Coventry students.

Strike Action - What it means for students
A member of Your Advice Service is talking with a student providing advice and support

Find out what the UCU (University and College Union) strikes are and what it may mean for you as a student.

New Review Scam Has Cost Students Thousands of Pounds
Image of a bank card with a fishing hook through it on a laptop keyboard

A new scam aimed at people (particularly students) looking for part-time work reviewing hotels, shops and products has caused many to lose thousands of pounds. Read about the scam, how to avoid it, and what to do if you have been victim to it.

How Does Your Advice Service Represent You?
An Advice Caseworker, Caroline, and Advice Triage Coordinator, Indica giving a student free pasta an

Do you know what Your Advice Service does? Read this article to find out about the range of advice, representation and support that we offer to all Coventry University Group students.

Why Is Academic Integrity Important?
An image of Your Education Officer, Bianca Andrei

Academic integrity is fundamental throughout your time at University. Understanding its importance is key to ensuring that we create a respectful and knowledgeable environment where all students receive fair opportunities. Keep reading for the top reasons Your Advice Service believes academic integrity is important.

Students vs. Landlords, Right and Responsibilities

When you sign a contract for your housing, you are agreeing to doing certain things and acting in a certain way and it's important you are aware of this. We also think its just as important for you to be aware of your landlords responsibilities and what they should be doing once you have a signed a contract with them.

Student Finance Announcement - what this means for you
A calculator with cash as someone is calculating their budget

The government has recently made a few announcements about student finance and hardship support. We are deeply concerned about the lack of progress in supporting students in the face of the cost-of-living crisis, and will continue working with the university to see how we can best support our students.

Your Students' Union Cost of Living Update
An image of Your Students' Union President, Desmond Ikponmwosa Omokaro

Find out about the work Your Students' Union have been doing to tackle the cost of living crisis and the impact on students.

Top Tips when Moving In
An Advice Caseworker is talking with a student

Finding and moving into your own accommodation whilst at university can be a daunting prospect as you have to make a decision on where to live, who to live, what you can afford, what your rights are, what steps to take when moving in to protect your interests and more. Here, we help you with a list of the things you should be looking out for and doing when it comes to finding and moving in to your accommodation.

Common Scams Aimed at Students and How To Avoid Them
A photo of money and someone calculating money on a phone calculator and pad of paper

As students, you are more likely to be targeted by scammers trying to steal your money. We have collected information on the most common scams aimed at students and, most importantly, how you can avoid them.

Don't Drop Out, Drop In Is Back!
An image of Your Advice Services Manager and an Advice Caseworker stood with a Your Advice Service b

Are you not enjoying your course? Struggling financially? Worried about your job prospects after graduation, or something else? For whatever reason, if you're considering dropping out of University, come along to one of our online or in-person Don't Drop Out, Drop in events to find out what support is available from Your Advice Service and the University to help you make the best decision for you.

Planning to Protest?
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If you’re planning to attend a protest, march or demonstration in the coming weeks, it’s important to make the right preparations and to know your rights.

Your Advice Service Faculty Outreach Sessions

Do you have a housing, academic or finance issue? Find out about Your Advice Services' Faculty Outreach Drop-In sessions and appointments.

Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Guidance for Students
A staff member speaking to a student, offering advice.

Are you pregnant or planning to get pregnant? Is your partner pregnant or planning to get pregnant? Are you becoming a parent through adoption? Find out what options and support are available to you during your time at Coventry University Group.


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