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We are now officially back!

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Our programme draft!

Why a draft?!
Well, because we would like to discuss with our existing and new members what would be activities and events of their interest.

We are looking at scheduling a weekly session, after academic hours. This would surely be a 2-hours-session every week to explore new creative ways to have fun, meet new people, and learn new artistic skills or techniques. Our events in general will include, or not, depending on what the society as a whole wants, some activities in this draft, but also other activities and types of events.

It is great to know that a huge number of people are interested in joining the society and we look forward to meeting all of you at our 1st event - Meet & Greet!

Also, remember that elections for the Committee members will soon take place at Your Student Union.
You could have the opportunity to be on the Art Society Committee for the remaining of this semester and next year!

Queries or just want to get in touch? Just DM us on:

Insta  Coventry Uni Art Society (@cu_artsociety) • Instagram photos and videos


Have a great weekend,

Your SU Art Society



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