A headshot of your Coventry University London Campus Officer, Mahbub Shuhag

Campus Officer (Cov Uni London)

Hi, my name is Mahbub Shuhag, and I am your re-elected Coventry University London Campus Officer for 2022/23.

  • Studies?

    I study BA Global Business Management based at the Coventry University London Campus. 

  • Likes?

    I am constantly eager to raise funds and make a difference to at least one individual or community. Outside of my studies, work, and volunteering, I enjoy playing cricket and listening to podcasts and TedTalks.

The Coventry University London Campus Officer acts as the President of the Coventry University London Campus. They work to champion the experience and voice of students studying on the Coventry University London Campus. This officer will work with campus staff and the SU to support students and provide services to ensure a complete university experience, such as events and campaigns.

The Coventry University London Campus Officer will attend a range of meetings with campus staff as the representative of students studying on that campus alongside SU meetings such as Union Affairs and Cross Campus Executive.

I am an ambitious student in my second year of GBM, and I am motivated to create a global impact with my work. With over two years of student-facing experience in the higher education sector, my knowledge and communication skills have expanded. 

Throughout the year, I'll be there to assist you in shaping your university experience by addressing your concerns, hosting events, and implementing improvements on campus. University days are a wonderful time to think creatively and explore your options. Therefore, get me on the road regardless of your concern, and let's make this year unforgettable.

Feel free to come and meet me at the Students' Union during university hours. I'm looking forward to meeting you all on campus throughout the academic year.

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