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Find out about elected roles at your Students' Union

Full-time officer positions are just like they sound: a full-time job! You'll be paid a salary to work full-time on behalf of all students for a full year. If you're studying you can take a year out of your studies to be an officer and return to your studies afterwards, or you can take office when you've finished your studies.

Part-time officers are paid £12.05 per hour and work 10 hours per week. Part-time officers hold their office alongside their studies and tend to represent a specific community of students (e.g. a Faculty or Campus) or a specific area of the student experience.

NUS Delegate positions are unique roles. They are voluntary positions and successful candidates will represent Your SU at the National Union of Students' National Conference. This event is will host delegates from across the country and will set the direction of the National Union of Students for the coming years! This is a large conference made up of representatives from Student Unions across the country.

The full-time roles require 37.5 hours of your time per week, they're the equivalent of having a full-time job. All of these roles have a salary of £21,686 per annum.

If you have any questions about any of the roles then you can email us at elections.su@coventry.ac.uk


Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer leads on student welfare, policy making, and representation for all students across the Coventry University Group. 

The Welfare Officer is the principal representative for group wide Welfare initiatives for the Students Union, ensuring that our students are having their needs met during their time at Coventry University. This role is responsible for the promotion of Your SU Advice Service. They play a key role in the relationship between Coventry University Students’ and the Trustee Board and represent the student voice at the University Board of Governors. The Welfare Officer will also oversee the welfare support within Your Students’ Union and advocate for the improvement of student experience and welfare across the entire Coventry University Group, this includes student safety campaigns and any group wide welfare projects.   

Education Officer

The Education Officer represents the educational interests of all Coventry University Group students, this includes postgraduate students and those studying research-based courses.

They are responsible for leading 1000+ course representatives across our campuses. They go out and about speaking to students to collect their feedback on issues and ideas that come up throughout the academic year, taking their thoughts on board and working together with them.

The rest of their time is spent working on achieving the aims of their manifesto and attending meetings to ensure the student voice is heard. These include the Students' Union Trustee Board, meeting regularly with the DVC Education and Students and Provost, representing the student voice on the Board of Governors, Academic Affairs Sub-committee, Academic Board and the Quality in Learning and Teaching Committee (QUILT). They also meet with external organisations locally and nationally. The role works closely with any postgraduate representatives, alongside any campus, faculty and school representatives.  

Activities Officer

The Activites Officer create successes for Sport, Societies and their members at all campuses.

This role is responsible for gathering the views of students, representing them to the University, and leading the 100+ societies and 35+ sports clubs on campus. The role involves working on achieving the aims of your manifesto and improving student activities across the University group. You’ll be responsible for leading on showcase Sport and Societies events. Additionally, you will ensure our Sports and Societies continue to develop and grow during your year in office. There are also meetings you will need to attend, including the Your SU Board of Trustees, Societies & Sports Executive Committees, Union Affairs and Coventry Executive. Additionally, you may attend a range of meetings with local and national organisations. A large part of the role is also spent speaking to members about issues within Student Activities throughout the academic year. You'll take their views on board and work together with them to create change.  

An ideal candidate will be a self-starter, driven and passionate about creating change for students involved in Student Activities. This includes building relationships and managing stakeholders to be as effective as possible. 

Community Officer

This role is the principle representative of our student communities to the University. They lead on inclusion campaigns. This role ensures all students feel welcome and at home during their time at Coventry University.

Coventry University is an incredibly diverse institution with students joining from all over the world. This role involves representing the interests of these students and promoting a diverse and positive cultural experience for all students. 

100’s of students get involved in equity, diversity and inclusion campaigns each year, these campaigns can focus on a number of student issues. We’re looking for a student to help lead these areas, and provide fresh ideas, making sure the needs of our students are met across our campuses and online. You will run campaigns, events, and projects to engage and support this student community and support inter-cultural engagement between students. You will be responsible for going out and speaking to students and finding out about their experience. 

The role works closely with the other sabbatical officers, especially the Welfare Officer and is expected to collaborate with them regularly to tackle issues affecting student groups and the student population. 

You will also work on achieving the aims of your manifesto and attend a variety of meetings. These meetings will range from Union & University's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committees to Board of Trustees.

Faculty Officer Coventry: EEC, FAH, FBL, HLS (10  hours per week, £12.05 per hour)

Faculty Officers act as the President of the Faculty. They will lead the team of School Reps and ensure students get to change their experience for the better.

Faculty Officers focus on the student experience in their Faculty. They work with Faculty staff, and the wider SU team to support their students academically and ensure they receive a complete university experience.

They also sit on Union Affairs Committee, Coventry Executive and various University committees where they will make decisions to benefit students.

PGR Officer Coventry (10 hours per week, £12.05 per hour)

The PGR Officer is responsible for gathering the views of students of PGR students and representing them to the University.

They act as the primary spokesperson for all students studying PGR courses, at every level with the University, Students’ Union and wider community to ensure that everyone is represented and has the opportunity to shape their university experience. The PGR Officer will also contribute to the development of a student community across the research centres through representation, campaigns and events. There time will mostly be spent representing students at the research centres, campaigning on specific issues, running activities or events and talking to students to gather feedback.  

Campus Officers: CU Coventry, CU London (Dagenham & Greenwich), CU Scarborough, Coventry University London (10  hours per week, £12.05 per hour, £13.55 per hour for London Campuses)

Campus Officers are the face of the student experience at your campus. They will ensure students get to shape their experience for the better.

The Campus Officers are the principal representative for their campus. They lead on public-facing activities for the SU at their campus and are a key link in the relationship between that campus and the SU.

The roles make up part of the Cross Campus Executive Team. They also sit on Union Affairs Committee, making decisions for students across the Coventry University Group.

Find more information by looking at the individual role descriptions.

NUS National Conference Delegate 
  • Represent Coventry University Group students on behalf of Your Students’ Union at the NUS National Conference  
  • These delegates act as a focal point to put your Students’ Viewpoints onto the National Conference stage. 
  • Collect feedback from students across Coventry University Group in order to inform motions to take to conference 
  • Feedback on the outcomes and decisions made at NUS National Conference to Union Affairs and produce a short report to be publicised to students 
  • There are 13 delegate positions in total, of which 6 positions are reserved for self-defining women (as required by the NUS Gender Balancing Policy). 
  • One delegate position is reserved for a full-time officer of the Students' Union. This position will act as the lead delegate
  • Four delegate positions are reserved for students from Coventry University London Campus or CU London. 
  • Two delegate position is reserved for a student from CU Scarborough 
  • The remaining six delegate positions are for students from CU Coventry and Coventry University Coventry Campus. 

Your SU will provide travel, accommodation and an allowance for food for this event. 

Full training will also be provided. 

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