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Education and Senior Rep: Explained

If you are thinking of applying to be a School Rep (for Main Campus) or a Campus Rep (for CU Coventry, Mile Lane Campus), then carry on reading as we explain a little bit more about the role.

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Make sure to apply to be the next Education Rep or Senior Rep before Sunday 26th March! 


What is the purpose of the role? 

In both roles, you be responsible for representing students within Your SU grouping on matters relating to the learning experience. You will build relationships with key staff related to the courses you represent, mainly your Main Staff Contact, delivering constructive feedback and providing solutions to improve education for the students you represent.   

In your role, you will be gathering information from students they represent to stay in touch with students' views and opinions. 

How much time will the role take?  

It will roughly take 5 hours every semester (or 2.5 hours every block). This usually focuses on Your Course Conversations. 

I know I will get paid, but what other benefits can I look forward to? 

Alongside getting paid up to £55 per semester (or up to £27 per block), you will benefit from joining a community of thriving students from across the campus. You will gain a range of soft and hard skills that employers are looking for and earn Digital Badges to showcase your achievements. We also host employability workshops and networking events exclusively for reps.  

How will I be recruited?

You will attend a short interview with a member of our team in April.


Make sure to apply to be the next Education Rep or Senior Rep before Sunday 26th March!

If you have any questions, please get in touch at 


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