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Learn about your Rep System and how it works for you

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Part of the primary purpose of a Students' Union is to represent the voice of all students to ensure you get a quality educational experience.


What is the Rep System?

The Student Rep system acts as the link between students and staff to raise concerns on behalf of students and help make improvements to the teaching and learning of your course. Any student can be a rep and it's a great way to help your fellow students and develop your employability skills, as well as your CV.


How can you get involved? 

Any student can get involved within the Rep System at any point in the year. We have a number of exciting Rep roles available to you, where you can develop enticing employability skills such as leadership, communication, problem-solving and more! As well as opportunities for you to offer your feedback whether that be to a Rep or taking the initiative and going to a Your Course Conversation meeting (see below for more) to speak about it yourself. 


The Rep Structure

School Rep (payment up to £300 per semester)

We have one school rep for each of the schools across the faculties. They are responsible for representing all students within the school on matters relating to the learning experience. They will build relationships with senior staff in the School and work on initiatives to improve education for the students they represent. They'll attend high level meetings in the faculty and in Your Students' Union, whilst working closely with the faculty officer. They'll lead a team of Education Reps, developing key skills such as leadership, networking and campaign work.

Find out who your school rep is through your faculty webpage on our website Reps (


Education Rep (payment of up to £50 per semester)

Our next vital role is the Education Rep. We have two Education Rep roles per SU grouping (this is a cluster of similar courses banded together into one group). They are responsible for representing students within Your Course Grouping on matters relating to the learning experience. They build relationships with lecturers pertaining to the courses you represent, delivering constructive feedback and providing solutions to improve education for the students you represent. They are also responsible for chairing and minute-taking our Your Course Conversation meetings and will develop key skills such as communication, leadership and problem-solving. 

Find out who your Education rep is through your faculty webpage on our website Reps (


Transformation Rep (voluntary)

We can understand students have a lot on their plates and might not have the time to commit to one of our paid roles, then this role might be for you! With no interview process and no limit, any student can become a Transformation Rep. You'll be the first to hear about Your Education opportunities and news, and you'll also be able to participate in themed micro-opportunities such as focus groups, CQEM and more. Earning digital badges for your CV with each opportunity! 

Applying couldn't be simpler, just be signed into the website and click on the apply now button under each of the roles Reps (


Your Course Conversation 

Whilst Reps are responsible for gathering feedback from students, we recognise that students who may not wish to speak to their Rep or become one, still want to offer feedback about their course. Our Your Course Conversation meetings are the perfect opportunity for you to do that.

The meetings, which happen twice a semester, serve as a chance for you to raise feedback about your course. The sessions are co-chaired and minuted by Your Education Reps and are open to all students. They are a great way for your voice to be heard and to bring positive change to your learning experience. If you can't attend speak to your Education Rep about the feedback on your course. 

See what has currently been discussed in the meetings through the action logs from Your SU groupings on the website Your Course Conversation (


We also have a wonderful video from our Education Officer below explaining the Rep system too!


Are you a PGR student? If you answered yes, then there is also an opportunity for you to get involved in the Rep System. Simply head over to the PGR webpage to find out how you can get involved PGR (


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