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Part-Time Officers Update - October

Find out what your Part-Time Officers have been up to in the month of October

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College of the Arts and Society Officer - Layna Forbes (

October has been a busy but fun month in my CAS role!

Some things I have been doing is working closely with the students and staff by attending multiple ‘Your Course Conversation’ meetings from a range of courses in each CAS school! From these meetings, I collected feedback to take into action in further meetings to make sure I’m reaching one of my goals of making sure students are getting the most effective university experience! I have also been working closely with staff and the amazing CAS reps to create a ‘Winter Holiday’ event so keep looking out at the events page!


College of Business and Law Officer - Vinaya Jijesh (

October was an intensive and highly engaging month for me as a College Officer for Business and Law. I was involved in a series of impactful activities to enhance the student experience. We organised feedback sessions (Your Course Conversation) for all courses under the College of Business and Law, bringing together students, staff, and course directors which allowed us to address student concerns and gather valuable insights on what's working well and to improve their learning experience. I could actively engage with students at volunteering and careers fairs, where our stalls from the Student Union provided students with information and opportunities to explore during and after their studies. We continued the "Goaling and Goating" initiative to gather student input, ensuring their voices were heard and acted upon at different buildings. I was able to represent student interests at board meetings with faculty and staff from different schools. 

I also had the privilege of chairing a Student Voice Working Group meeting, fostering effective discussions and collaboration with staff affiliates, including Associate Deans of the College, which was aimed at further improving the overall student experience.  


College of Engineering, Environment, and Sciences - Ashish Joy ( 

October has been fantastic. I loved it when Zach kept telling me I had smashed it, Luke added it later. I work with some great human beings This is a thank you note more than something I did in October. Scarlett helped me get into the role. Thanks Maryam. Luke and Sophie are all that I can ask for. I love working with them. Great friends, Excellent line manager and lead. I can't thank Debrah, Mariam, Ruth, Mark, and Rob (Success Coach) enough, they keep me alive with appreciation. Blessing, Petra, Alex, the happy faces, oh they always helped me. Lauren Tom Kyleigh James Crossan, Emma, Lewis, Sarah, Paul and James, the best that we could ask for. Emily Florence Margarida, always welcoming. Room 1:25 and the back end are the unsung heroes who make our work easy.  

I had my October filled with Learning networks which helped raise things in Union affairs, proud being part of it. The EES Career Fair, Health and Wellbeing, and Recruiters Fair had fair amounts of rep sign-ups. The talent team fair gives me quite some quality time with students and others. I could attend the VC roadshow, where we met the Vice Chancellor and shared valid information. 

Met Jeff and others from the university staff during their education focus group, briefing us on the vision for the future. Helped BSL club with tiny little things. I went to your Course Conversations and it was visible the meetings were effective. Everyone cooperated well. Went Goaling and Goating with full-time officers, and that helped. Thanks, Julia, Aparna, Panchami, and Akhil for always being there.

I could contribute to an event idea for November which is going well. Thanks to Emily and Florence, who helped me contribute to their ideas and run an activity for communities.  

Appreciate the PTO’s help in the process, Especially Layna Forbes, for suggesting a great event idea, which was only just a breakfast for students initially and is now a popular Winter Holiday market event. I did some more inductions talk and am glad some students turned reps and you know two are running in by-elections. I feel so happy I'm delivering. I can't thank the SU staff Namely Luke, Sophie, Maryam, and Debrah enough. Also, the students for being so understanding, and thanks for voting for me to have this role in the first place. I love this role.


CU Coventry - Emmy-Ange Kabala (

In reflecting on my experience working as a Campus Officer in October, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. Throughout the month, I navigated various challenges with resilience and achieved significant milestones in my role.

One accomplishment that stands out is my networking expansion skills. I was introduced to many amazing faculty members through Board of Study meetings and Education Committee meetings with the university heads of Curriculum all dedicated to improving the learning experience of Coventry University students. I also had the chance to improve my employability skills by working on my existing skills and gaining a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence.

In a nutshell, as CUC Coventry Campus Officer October has been a good self-learning experience.



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