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Part-Time officers update - September

Find out what your Part-Time Officers have been up to in the month of September

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College of the Arts and Society Officer - Layna Forbes (

The first month as the College of the Arts the Society’s officer has been great!  I have been able to speak to so many students at welcome fairs, well-being fairs and career fairs sharing knowledge about the student Union and receive their feedback about there time at the university so far. I have also been apart of fun events for students like the CAS quiz night which was great seeing students come together and have a great time!

College of Business and Law Officer - Vinaya Jijesh (

In my first month as a part-time officer, I was able to actively engage in various activities. I delivered induction talks in classrooms to students from different disciplines, introducing them to the Student Union and my role as College Officer for Business and Law. I participated in essential meetings like Student Voice Working Group collaborating with college affiliates to address student matters. We also had productive union affairs meetings.
Our team organized a successful Business and Law Fair and a Quiz Night along with various exciting Learning Network events. Furthermore, I joined other officers on a "Goaling and Goating" program which was a student voice on tour initiative where we gathered valuable feedback directly from students, ensuring their voices are heard. It was a productive and engaging start, where I was able to play a significant role in promoting the Student Union’s mission and addressing students' concerns.

College of Engineering, Environement, and Sciences - Ashish Joy ( 

My September as a college officer, I have been active in the EES college fair and interacted with new students and got to sign them up as education reps and they acknowledged it later hosted quiz nights with Luke and Sophie my immediate leads for EES coordinated with full time officers with the end of welcome party.  

CU Coventry - Emmy-Ange Kabala (

One month working as a part time campus office has been an experience like no other. Getting into the role I was under the impression that my sole responsibility was to handle my manifesto points and escalate feedback to Board of Study. However, as I progressed into the role, I became excited delivering inductions talks, hosting and attending events, meeting new personalities everyday while learning about who I am as Mile Lanes Campus Officer. 

With the help of my Engagement coordinator, since becoming Mile Lanes Campus Office, my networking skills and project planning skills has tremendously improved. I am now more confident delivering meeting materials and working alongside other students and incredible team of staff.  I am excited for what the next few months has instore.  



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