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Rep Awards and I Love My Staff

Celebrating the outstanding contributions by student reps and academic staff towards improving the student experience

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The annual Rep Awards and I Love My Staff Night was a huge success, with students and staff members coming together to celebrate the achievements of our incredible student representatives and academic staff.

The event was held in Square One, which was transformed into a vibrant and colourful venue with balloons, banners, and decorations that reflected the theme of the night, "Celebrating Student Voices." The atmosphere was electric, with students and staff chatting, laughing, and enjoying the festivities.

The awards ceremony kicked off with a warm welcome from the Community Officer and Postgraduate Research Officer, who praised the outstanding work of our student representatives and the positive impact they have had on the campus community. The Elected Officers then took the stage to introduce the awards and to highlight the key achievements of the student reps and academic staff over the past year.

Each Learning Community in Coventry was presented with two Rep of the Year and two I Love My Staff awards. The winners of each award were announced with much excitement and fanfare, and they were presented with trophies and certificates in recognition of their outstanding work.

In addition to the awards ceremony, there was also a performance by our Windband Society, who entertained the audience twice in the evening. 

Overall, the Rep Awards and I Love My Staff Ceremony was a great evening and it was a testament to the hard work and dedication of our student representatives and academic staff. It was a night of celebration, recognition, and appreciation, and it left everyone feeling inspired and motivated to continue making a positive impact on our campus community.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the award winners, and to thank all our student representatives for their incredible work and commitment to making our university a better place.


You can find out more about the shortlist, and winners on the Rep Awards and I Love my Staff spaces on our website respectively. All photos from the evening have now been uploaded on our facebook page and can be viewed here. You can also view a copy of the programme of the night. 


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