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Activities Officer Update - September

Check out the progress your Activities Officer; Chisom Ezeanochie has made so far in her role.

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Hello everyone,

 I’m Chisom, your Activities Officer. Trust everyone is settling in okay, and classes are going well. It was indeed lovely to make you acquaintance over the past few weeks. I understand how important it is as a student to be fully aware of the activities of Your Student Union, and the impact of the Activities officer’s role towards enhancing student engagement and improving student journey on campus. For this reason, it is only right to always keep you informed on my progress throughout the course of the year.

 My first 4 months in office has been very eventful. I was added to the Operations team which was focused on acquiring inventory and services that met the budget and expectations of the SU. We Put Health and safety procedures /guidelines in place to minimise risk, ensuring all events during the welcome week ran smoothly. This was very much in line with the HSE (health safety and environment) policy as proposed in my manifesto.

What a busy month September was as we welcomed both our new and returning students back on campus. I had the privilege of organizing and meeting all sports and society members at multiple events such as the rooftop mixers, speed friending, sports Coventry club day, officers tour, rep induction talks and the Sports and Socs Fair. Getting to meet and establish a direct communication with everyone was a great way of getting student feedback which is highly sort after by the SU. During this time, I  supported the Sports Coventry team in the campaign against the kicking out of teams from the priory hall where they practise, for 2weeks without an alternative. This campaign was necessary due the yearly reoccurrence of this action and the negative impact it has on student journey on campus. We also had a successful Karaoke night and Scavenger hunt event organized by the full-time officers.

 Shortly after the welcome week, I was transferred to the Coventry University London Campus. My presence here has been very positive as most students have become motivated to create/adopt new societies. If you are reading this and you are interested in creating or adopting a society, kindly follow this link (New Soc:

https://www.yoursu.org/london/activities/societies/lead-a-society/ ).

This month I supported the Sport Coventry team in the review and approval of their code of conduct. I proposed the “Sports and Society Executive” at the Union Affairs meeting. The purpose of these groups is to represent societies and sports across all categories and vote on operational policy and funding decisions by participating in the democratic processes laid out to them by the Student Egagement Team and Sport Coventry team. It was then put to a vote and approved by the board. I have also been added to a “Cost of Living Crisis” working group, as this issue affects every aspect of a student’s life and well-being. My stance in this group will be centred around subsidization of societies and sports membership fee and cost of outsourced facilities/equipment for all clubs.

I would also like all students to know that regardless of my location, the Activities Officer’s role cuts across every campus. So, feel free to reach me anytime, either by emails or in person. Cheers!


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