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PGR Officer Update- January 2023

Your PGR Officer, Kirsty Harrod, provides an update on the month of January

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Kirsty Harrod

Hello to all PGRs! I hope 2023 is treating you all well so far.

This month, I’ve been getting straight back to work advocating for PGRs. On Monday 30th, we had our Research Voice Forum meeting where reps raised issues such as the changes to teaching opportunities, the return to face-to-face meetings and enrolment. You can always find the minutes of each RVF on the ReCap website, but I’ll also include the top take-aways in these monthly articles.

1. The Doctoral College (DC) has introduced a new system for PGRs to get teaching experience. All new opportunities will be posted on the DC website for PGRs to apply to, after which the module leaders will interview candidates. To teach, you need to have finished the 7010CRB module or the teaching bootcamp.

2. The DC is aware that stipend uplifts came in late this month and are trying to find out why! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the uplift payment will be combined with the main payment until the uni upgrades its financial systems.

3. Enrolment this year was very busy, with students waiting hours to be seen. The DC recommends that students come back at quieter times – generally, Mondays and any day towards the end of the enrolment period are the busiest.

For more information on what was discussed, click here 

This week is also the Research Hootenanny! I hope you’ve all signed up for some fantastic sessions. Remember that some have been moved online due to train strikes on Wednesday and Friday. Talking of strikes, I’ve worked with Your Students’ Union to support the UCU strikes over the next two months and make sure all students and PGRs are aware of the implications of the industrial action.

As ever, please get in contact with me if you have any issues, suggestions, or bright ideas for improving PGR life at Coventry.

Until next time,



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