Volunteering Opportunity: Course Representative

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Course Rep


Part-time (up to 10 hours per semester)

Applications close: Monday 25th September, 9am

To be able to apply, you need to be:

  • A student studying at one of the Coventry Campuses of Coventry University
  • Studying until at least Dec 2023
  • Not on a full-time placement during the 2023-24 Academic year

About the role

Coventry University Students’ Union is a student-led charity, we are led by hard-working, elected students who, together, reflect the experiences and hopes of our amazing membership. We further their interests to improve their lives as students.

We are looking for individuals who can further enhance our students’ learning experiences, increase their sense of course identity and support their professional development through activity that compliments their learning.

You will be responsible for representing students on your course on matters relating to their learning experience. You will deliver constructive feedback and provide solutions to improve education for the students they represent. 

Additional duties include:

  • Gathering constructive feedback from students on their course
  • Raising feedback that has been gathered during Your Course Conversations
  • Closing the feedback loop by promoting any wins or changes to students on their course
  • Playing an active role in focus groups relating to their curriculum area or campus
  • Maintaining good relationships with their Senior Representatives
  • Disseminating information from their curriculum area or Your students’ Union to the wider student body on your course
  • Supporting recruitment of Reps for their course
  • Completing essential mandatory training

The ideal candidate will be passionate about promoting fairness, opportunity, and equity for all students. They’ll be organised and a great communicator, capable of collecting feedback, and speaking up in meetings. Most of all, they’ll be positive and good at building rapport with stakeholders.

What we offer:

  • Excellent experience that’ll help with career advancement such as project management, leadership, communication, time management, public speaking skills etc
  • The chance to plan, run and lead on events and activities, based on student feedback you have collected.
  • Opportunity to create positive change for yourself and students.
  • Access to full training and support, including development workshops to build on your employability skills.
  • Recognition of achievement through badges and rewards programmes
  • Networking events with staff and sabbatical officers.

How to apply:

You can find the role description here. Once you are ready to apply, please fill out this online application form.

More Information:

We are an equal opportunities employer and actively committed to promoting equality and diversity, and expect all staff, students, and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have any queries, please contact


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