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Coventry Flames Launches Black History Month Shop at Akuma

Coventry Flames continues to celebrate Coventry Basketball and their BHM campaign by launching Akuma shop.

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Coventry Flames BHM T-shirt design

Early last month, Coventry Flames revealed the club's plan to introduce a brand new colorway for their playing kit as part of its Black History Month celebrations. The reveal, which was done via the club's Instagram account, teased a few details about the kit, and explained that it would  "celebrate and spotlight a number of current athletes and coaches from within the club ... and highlight the history of the local basketball community, along with the leaders and contributors of the last 50yrs." Explaining the idea behind the kit, a spokesperson for the club said, "there's so much great work that has been done across all facets of the game of basketball by Black people in the community and we really want to highlight that, not just during the month of October, but throughout the course of the season."


The club has now gone a step further by enlisting the support of Akuma Sports to design a variety of items for supporters of the club to purchase and wear. From the original playing vest and a replica training t-shirt, to hoodies, jackets, and caps, everybody can show their support for the BHM campaign being led by Coventry Flames Basketball.

Visit our Coventry Flames Online Shop (password: FLAMES - all uppercase) and see which item is best for you.  Ensure that your order is placed BEFORE Monday 12th February, to be included in our first production run of kit.

The playing kit, designed in collaboration with Akuma Sports, incorporates several subtle but important details in its ode to Coventry Basketball and Black history. For example, sitting prominently on the lower back of the kit, is the outline of the map of Africa, with player numbers outlined in the Black History Month colours, green, yellow and red. The front of the jersey shows the Windrush ship, which transported several West Indians to the United Kingdom beginning in 1948 (see if you can find the date the ship arrived hidden on the kit). The most personal touches to Coventry are the city's skyline and the names of the Black individuals who have contributed so much to the growth of Coventry basketball - such as Robert 'Dip' Donaldson, Roy Owen, Marcus Garvey and current Coventry Flames coach, Luis Romero - dispersed throughout the jersey. Everywhere you look, a new detail is revealed that showcases the thought and symbolism of the kit that has made players very proud to wear it.

Coventry Flames will continue to wear the kit throughout the season as they work through their National League schedules. To catch the teams in action, be sure to tune into the club's YouTube channel, where the games will be livestreamed and available after the games.


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