Election Rule Changes

Each year Your SU run election to determine who will be our next elected student leaders. We ensure to have rules and guidance in place to make the elections as free and fair as possible.

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Rule Changes for 2023

To keep our elections free and fair we have a full list on Rules and Guiding Principles

In Person Campaigning

For a few years now we have been running our elections entirely online, meaning all campainging and voting takes place virtually. This rule was brought in during the COVID lockdown and was kept in place in 2022 over concerns around ongoing COVID outbreaks.

However this year we will be returning to an in person election, this means that candidates will be able to campaign to students face to face. Additionally, Your SU will be running voting booths across all campuses to assist with securing votes. Finally, Your SU will be running multiple in person events to support candidates development and wellbeing throughout the election. 


A slate is a group of candidates that can support one another, running together and campaigning as a team. Previously we have not allowed slates, however after feedback on the candidates survey last year, Your SU will be allowing candidates to run in slates of up to 4 individuals. This should enable candidates to better support one another throughout the elections process. 

Manifesto Requirement

As part of the election each candidate is permitted to upload a manifesto. A manifesto is simply a document that outlines the priorities of the caniddate and tells the electorate a bit about them and why they should be elected. 

In previous years we have made the inclusion of a manifesto a requirement, and any candidate who did not submit one was disqualified. However in this years Your SU Leadership Election candidates will no longer be required to submit a manifesto, it will be an optional item only. Instead all candidates will be required to submit their agreement to our rules and guiding principles at the nominations stage.


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