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Christmas Jumper Week: 5th-9th December

​Don your Xmas jumpers at Dagenham in aid of charity ‘Save the Children’!

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Save the Children Christmas Jumper Week

It’s tradition to don your ugliest Christmas jumpers for the holiday season, but now we’re doing it for charity!

From the 5th until the 9th of December, we’re encouraging all Staff and Students to show up to Dagenham Campus in a Christmas jumper (the sillier the better) and donate £2 to ‘Save the Children’. If you would struggle to donate, you can still join in! This event is for all, regardless of financial situation. You can donate more or less, or just help spread the Joy. There will be a collection box on the Reception Desk in the Foyer and cakes on sale for £1!

Get ready for a group photo at 1pm on Monday, December 5th outside the Reading Room on the 1st floor!

To remain environmentally friendly and cost effective, you could head down to your local charity shop and pick up something pre-loved, swap with a friend or craft your own from an old jumper!

‘Save the Children’ is an international non-governmental charity that works to improve the lives of children via better education, health and economic opportunities. They also work to provide better access to food and have helped over 45 million children get the medicine, good food and education they need. Find out more about Save the Children at their website here.


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