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Leading a society

Leading a society couldn’t be easier but you don’t need to take our word for it when you could give it a go yourself! Why should you adopt or start a new society?

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Officers at our End of year celebration for Societies

Lead a society

We know that the societies you’re looking for might not always be active so we’ve made it really easy to restart a dormant society or start a new society and jump straight into hosting the events, activities and development you want!

All of our societies have a group of committee members who make decisions in leading the society, manage their societies finances and develop the society so that it leaves a legacy and continues building across the years.

What benefits do you get from being on a society committee?

  • Meeting some likeminded people and making new friends
  • You will be able to build skills such as communication, organisation and CV enhancing skills
  • Attend our committee mixers and events
  • Receive additional training and support to make you more employable
  • Make a lasting impact on members of your society and inspire others
  • Get recognition and rewards
  • And more…

Take a look at what societies are currently dormant and how to submit a request to adopt or start a society.

Visit the Lead a Society page

What do our previous committee members have to say?

"[In my society] I had some incredible opportunities, made connections with inspirational people in the psychology field and guided so many people from all over the world who are just as passionate as I am about psychology! Being on a committee has made me a more rounded, understanding, and driven person and I'd recommend it to everyone." – Indica, Psychology Society

"I loved being a part of a society as it allowed me to meet many wonderful people, I was also able to enjoy life as a student at socials and I had the opportunity to improve and maintain my fitness levels in my classes" – Gabriela, Pole Fitness Society

"The main reason being a committee member is so much fun is because we are the ones who get to put ideas to make the society more fun and organised together. We can think of events and actually do them as much as we want!" – Agata, Tabletop Society


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