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Benefits of becoming a rep

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Your time at Coventry University is about more than just attending classes and studying – it's about creating an enriching and inclusive environment that supports your personal and academic growth. The Student Rep System plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal by: 

  1. Developing your employability skills: Serving as a student representative is not only a way to contribute to your university community but also a chance to develop valuable leadership, communication, and negotiation skills that will serve you well beyond graduation. 
  2. Fostering Community: Through the Student Rep System, you'll connect with like-minded students who are passionate about making a difference. It's an opportunity to build friendships, network, and create lasting bonds with your peers. 
  3. Living-wage employer: Not only do you get paid the living wage per hour, but also holiday pay. It is worth noting that the role of the course rep is voluntary.  
  4. Reward scheme: Our Digital Badges and Leadership Awards scheme are recognised by employers. For every skill you achieve whilst being a rep, and for every new experience you have, our awards will help you showcase your achievement. They are also compatible with LinkedIn. Learn more about skills here.
  5. Rep of the Month: Every month students nominate reps who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. One rep per learning location is awarded a Rep of the Month award. You can learn more about rewards here.
  6. Exclusive Opportunities: We host rep-exclusive networking, social, and employability events. This means that as a rep you have exclusive access to a whole set of learning and networking opportunities.   

If you would like to join our community of thriving reps, you can fill out the application here.

Get involved, make an impact, and be the change you want to see! 


Please email all related queries to and do not forget to follow us on Instagram @covunistudents 


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