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Gender Expression Fund applications now open

Your Students’ Union offers a Gender Expression Fund to support queer students to access gender-affirming services and items.   Applications are now open.

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The LGBTQIA+ Community Stall at the Activities Fair


What does the Gender Expression Fund cover?  

This can be used to purchase gender affirming products that could include (but is not limited to) new clothes/underwear, chest binders, breast forms, packers, wigs, affirming sports/swimwear, makeup/nail polish, pride merchandise, and books.   


Who is eligible for the Gender Expression Fund?  

  • You must be a current enrolled as a student in the Coventry University Group (this includes Coventry University, Coventry University London, CU Coventry, CU Scarborough, CU Dagenham, and CU Greenwich).  

  • Identify as trans, non-binary, intersex, gender diverse, or gender non-conforming.  

  • Past applicants can reapply but people who have not previously accessed the fund will be prioritised.  


How much does the Gender Expression Fund cover?  

Applicants will be allocated up to £50 (the total monetary value must include shipping, import costs, and VAT*).  

*If the monetary value is above £50, a gift card of £50 will be issued and the student will be expected to cover the rest of the cost.  


How can you apply? 

You can apply here by filling in the application form. Applications close on 4 March at 9am and will be assessed the week of the 11 March. We will be in touch to notify you of the results the week of 18 March. 


Further information 

For information about how to change your details and create a support plan with the university, read this article!  


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