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LGBTQIA+ Staff Profile: Nat Walker-Laver

Read on to learn about Nat Walker-Laver, who works for Coventry university Recruitment and Admissions as a student Success Coach.

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A picture of Nat smiling

Name and pronouns: 

Nat Walker-Laver, She/her

What department are you part of at Coventry University? What work do you do?

CURA (Coventry University Recruitment and Admissions). I’m a Student Success Coach.

Favourite song/band/book/film?

Too, many to pick from...Motown, 80s, cheese for music. Films that are anything done by Disney, particularly animated music. Books - WW2 history and celebrity autobiographies.

What is your proudest moment? This could be a work achievement or a personal one.       

Finally getting married.

What does the LGBTQIA+ community mean to you?                                                                                

Fun, laughter, a good and friendly community. Diversity and inclusion – no judgments.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Make the most of life and spend it with the people who make you the best and happiest version of yourself. YOLO.

Visit our LGBT+ History Month page to find out more about the activities we have going on for the LGBT+ community.


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