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Officer Statement on the FIFA World Cup

Your Students’ Union believes that we should celebrate our global community who study at Coventry University Group and that watching international sporting tournaments is usually a fantastic way to bring students together. We cannot however avoid the controversies surrounding the FIFA World Cup.

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Your SU values inclusivity and we believe the current conditions in Qatar do not meet these values. We wholeheartedly stand for the rights of women, migrant workers, and the LGBTQ+ community. Because of this the SU will not be promoting the World Cup.

We are aware that students, clubs, and societies may want to support their teams and that University venues may be showing matches. We also acknowledge that our student members from Qatar may be proud that their country will be hosting the FIFA World Cup. However, we hope our members take time to explore the issues with this tournament.

We have included several articles at the bottom of this statement.

If you are concerned about watching the tournament this winter, you may want to do your bit to combat human rights abuses around the globe by donating money to organisations including Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch. You may also choose to share information about their campaigns relating to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar online or with friends and family.

Your SU Officer Team


Learn more about the treatment of stadium construction workers in Qatar here: 

Learn more about the lack of LGBTQ+ rights in Qatar here: 

Learn more about the lack of Women’s Rights in Qatar here: 



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