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Reaching for Mars, respecting the Earth

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Hi everyone! Hannah here, your Campus Officer from CU London.

Let’s talk about something truly extraordinary this February - SpaceX’s mission to Mars. You’ve probably heard of Elon Musk and his company’s groundbreaking work. They’re not just launching rockets; they’re pioneering technology to bring people to Mars.

And it’s not just SpaceX; India’s space agency ISRO has been making strides too, with a successful mission to Mars back in 2013. It’s an exciting time for space exploration!

With these incredible ventures, there’s something we need to keep in mind: the importance of environmental responsibility. The more we explore, the more we must commit to maintaining a clean and safe space environment.

Environmental engineering in the space sector plays a crucial role. It’s about creating sustainable systems that support ambitious missions while protecting our planetary home and beyond. From recycling rocket components to minimizing the impact on Martian landscapes, every action is geared toward a cleaner space for future generations.

As we get inspired by the endless possibilities above, let’s not forget to safeguard the celestial paths we tread. Here’s to a February filled with responsible stewardship and awe-inspiring progress in our cosmic endeavors!

See you around,
Hannah Yusuf
Your Campus Officer


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