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SU Awards - Kanishka's experience

Kanishka won our EEC Student of the Year Award in 2023 and is now in his final year. Read about his experience of winning the award, and why students should get involved this year.

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Kanishka holding his EEC Student of the Year award with an EEC member of staff

The 2024 SU Awards Season is in full swing with nominations open for a number of awards before ceremonies take place in March and April.

We caught up with former EEC Undergraduate Student of the Year, Kanishka Kahanthen, to ask him a few questions about his experience. Kanishka won the award in 2023 as a second-year BEng Mechanical Engineering student. He is currently in his final year of studies and hopes to kickstart his career in an engineering role after completing a placement role with Bosch. 

What award did you receive and how did you feel finding out you won? 

I won the EEC Undergraduate Student of the Year Award in 2023. When I won, I felt amazed that I was recognised for all the work I accomplished with the SU and Coventry University.

Did you receive acknowledgement from your peers or academics after winning the award? 

I was acknowledged by my friends, work colleagues and my manager at my placement, Bosch. They all congratulated me and wanted to see the award and find out how I had achieved it.

Why do you think you were nominated for the award? 

I think I was nominated for my volunteer work with the City of Culture, shortly after I became a STEM ambassador and I also became a peer mentor in Vygo for placements. I also played badminton for the mens 1st  team. I think taking the time out to do extra curricular activities was one of the reasons why I was nominated and best utilising my extra time by attending SU activities.

Why do you think other students or staff should get involved in the upcoming awards season?

The SU Awards are a great opportunity to get recognised for all the positive work you achieve in and out of the lecture room by other students and staff as well as celebrate each other's successes. One piece of advice is to try documenting your journey throughout the year to support your nomination… you never know what a nomination can lead to!

Find more information on the 2024 Awards Season at Nominations are open until 4 March for our Sport and Activities awards, so if you know of someone who deserves to be recognised for their contribution to sport, societies, communities, or volunteering, get nominating! 



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