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Women's Night Safety Charter

Your Students' Union has signed up to the West Midlands Women's Night Safety Charter

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A picture of your full time officers, Panchami, Julia, Aparna and Akhil

In February, the West Midlands Combined Authority launched its new Women's Night Safety Charter. 

The charter (modelled on one launched by the Mayor of London for Greater London) is an initiative to improve the safety and experience of all women in the night-time economy, whether they are staff or customers. The aim is to encourage employers in the West Midlands to commit to enabling systemic change to prioritise and improve the safety of women in the West Midlands.

Following a meeting of Coventry Executive on 15 February 2024, full-time and part-time officers voted that the Students' Union should sign up to the charter. Signing up to the charter demonstrates our commitment to improving the experience of students both within the university and the wider city. In addition, by signing up to the charter, we will receive resources to help implement the principles of the charter, access training for staff to support students, have an awareness of initiatives in the local community that could benefit students and make sure we can champion the voice of students through the steering group. 

Aparna Golla, Your Community Officer, when asked about the importance of signing up the charter, said the 'women's' Safety Night Charter opens the door for many connections that support us with improving women's safety at night. I am happy that Your SU signed up to the charter."

You can read more about the safety charter and its seven principles here.

Your Advice Service provides information, advice, support and initiatives to support student safety, details of which can be found here

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