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Bushra Khan is your Rep of the Semester

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A young asian girl stood on top of the stairs at Coventry Univeristy London

Rep of the Semester:

Bushra Khan 


MBA International Human Resource Management 

Introduce Yourself: 

I’m Bushra Imtiyaz! I am a master’s student pursuing MBA IHRM at Coventry University. I am passionate to help others, build networks and reach potentials. Being raised in a joint family setup I consider myself adjustable, adaptable, and understanding diverse nature of people alongside. Being a person with compassionate nature made me a easily approachable person.  


What do you do outside of university? 

Outside university I devote my time to the good cause back in home country by running an campaign and working for stray animals, welfare and shelter. Alongside, I also conduct 1-1 sessions through vygo for peers and international students, connect them and help them grow and foster in a positive way.   

Why did you decide to become a Course Rep? 

Student Representative is an overseen university union and consist of academic and wellbeing representation network. The initial stage I decided to become a representative was because I had an experience in the same area back in home country and was eager to get into and add up to my experience internationally as its one of my major key areas of interest.  

Secondly, being a course representative is all in one a big achievement! Your peers hold onto you, they build trust and share things on what they are concerned about and discuss how it can be taken forward. This also helps to build transferable skills, bound to develop ability to collect feedbacks, meet people from diverse cultures and connect with the university systems and staffs respectively.  

Being a Course Rep also helped me understand my rights as a student, understand various systems in university and shed a light to student in dark! I believe in keeping things sorted and organised and lead teams, help them overcome challenges, enhance willpower and foster positivity in a collective manner.  

What has been your favourite moment so far, being a Course Rep? 

 As a Rep, I had hope and dream to make my course the best ranked in the academic year. I was eager to contribute to the student body and was ready to take a new challenge which was one of the best moments I had when after been elected I spoke to my course director.  

Students believe in me and hold to trust upon so it’s my responsibility to never let them down. In my experience, the best moment so far as a course rep was to resolve the issue and some glitches between students of my course and some staff which I and my colleague resolved it very patiently and can proudly say that our course is the most smoothly running courses of January intake with 33 enrolled students and high students satisfaction and staff engagement in the course.  

What advice would you give to somebody who is thinking of becoming a Course Rep? 

I advise the upcoming reps to tune in and have a general awareness of what is going on in the cohort. Rep should try to feed as much as information as possible back to the peers without miscommunication and help them assure that the concerns of the peers are addressed. My other advice would be , be as much proactive as you could be and try to signpost peers in a correct manner.  




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