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Course Reps: Explained

If you are thinking of applying to be a Course Rep for either Coventry University London or CU London, then carry on reading as we explain a little bit more about the role!

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Course Reps are vital to ensuring the best possible student experience at CU London and Coventry University London. There a group of courses that are under-represented and currently do not have Reps!

The Course Rep System is run by Your Students' Union and exists to give you a voice on your University experience. Course Reps are appointed students who meet with University and Union staff to represent the academic interests of their peers

Throughout the term, Course Reps gather feedback from their peers and then bring this to Student Voice Meetings with the University and Students’ Union. This feedback is then either resolved in the meeting or actions are taken away by Staff. All students in meetings are given a voice and a platform to improve the student experience

Find out more about what becoming a Rep can do for you, here:

Coventry University London | CU London


What is the purpose of the role? 

In both roles, you will be responsible for representing all students within your school or campus on matters relating to the learning experience. You will build relationships with staff that work in your school or campus and work on initiatives to improve education for the students you represent.  

You will gather information from both students you represent and Reps that fall under you in your school or campuses to stay in touch with students’ views and opinions. 


How much time will the role take?  

  • CU London: One 1.5 hr meeting in week 4 or 5 of each block
  • Coventry University London: One 1.5 hr meeting each semester

We ask that you collect feedback from your peers to bring to these meetings. Feedback can be collected during course time or whilst socialising with your peers.


What benefits can I look forward to? 

You will benefit from joining a community of thriving students from across the campus. You will gain a range of soft and hard skills that employers are looking for and earn Digital Badges to showcase your achievements. We also host employability workshops and networking events exclusively for reps.  


Are you interested in becoming a Course Rep?

Any Student can volunteer to be a Course Rep!

It’s as simple as signing up at the link above and completing some quick training! Once you've signed up we will be in contact with more information on how you can start making a difference.


Being a Rep provides you with key skills that can support you in future careers such as leadership, communication and stakeholder management!

Find out more about becoming a Rep, today: Coventry University London | CU London




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