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Don't Drop Out, Drop In Is Back!

Are you not enjoying your course? Struggling financially? Worried about your job prospects after graduation, or something else? For whatever reason, if you're considering dropping out of University, come along to one of our online or in-person Don't Drop Out, Drop in events to find out what support is available from Your Advice Service and the University to help you make the best decision for you.

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University can be a tough experience and sometimes it feels like leaving is the only option you have when things aren’t going well. Whilst withdrawing from University (either temporarily or permanently) may be the right decision for you, there are plenty of support services at the University to help support you through the decision making and withdrawal processes. 


To make sure all students have the opportunity to speak with someone about the possibility of withdrawing and what this would mean for you, Your Students’ Union are running our Don’t Drop Out, Drop In campaign again this semester. Whether you’re in Coventry, London or Scarborough, there are plenty of ways for you to reach out and discuss what staying or leaving University means for you.


We will be joined by support services from across the University, including the Health and Wellbeing Team, Success Coaches, the Talent Team, and more who are all available to answer any questions you might have about withdrawing from your studies. We are all here to make sure that you feel confident and are able to make an informed decision about withdrawal.


If you want to find out more about the support available to you in making these decisions, visit Your Students’ Union website where you can also contact us directly with any questions you have about possibly withdrawing. If you want to speak with someone about the possibility of leaving or changing your course, you can find the details of all of our Don’t Drop Out, Drop In events (both online and in person) here.


Most importantly, please remember that you are not alone. As Your Advice Service, alongside the University, we have supported many students in similar situations considering withdrawal, no matter how unusual your situation may feel. 


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