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Five things to know when hiring a proofreader

Proofreading is highlighting errors in a document, like spelling mistakes. There’s no obligation to use a proof-reader, and they don't make corrections or edit the work.

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Five things to know when hiring a proofreader:

  1. The responsibility for the work is your own and you should ALWAYS keep a copy of your work before proofreading.
  2. A proofreader cannot add new material or rewrite anything- this is not proofreading and will likely be classed as academic misconduct.
  3. Coventry University keeps a list of recommended proofreaders which you can find here.
  4. Only approved proofreaders can be used without prior permission from a module leader, course director or supervisor.
  5. You cannot use a proofreader for certain modules, like Academic English modules. This information should be included in the module description.

Other support:

If you need support but don’t want to hire a proofreader, help is available from the Centre of Academic Writing, course team, Academic Librarian or other University Support Services.

You can find more information and guidance about proofreading from the University here.



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