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We recently told you how Your Advice Service represents you during your time at University. If you haven't read about what we do, you can do so here. To help you understand a little bit more about the work we do, we wanted to share further details about what this looks like through the year. Take a look at Your Advice Service statistics for 2022. 



Enquiries are how we refer to a student's initial contact with Your Advice Service. This can be done via our online enquiry form at, visiting Your SU in person at the SU Welcome desk in The Hub, or through emailing Your Advice Service. 

In 2022, Your Advice Service received 3575 enquiries from students from across the Coventry University Group. 

On average, we sent an initial response to these enquiries within 4 hours and 14 minutes and resolved the issue within 9 hours and 58 minutes. This means that during the time we are open to support students, we have been able to resolve your enquiries in less than 12 hours. 



Casework is how we refer to an issue that requires long-term support from one of our fully trained Advice Caseworkers to resolve a problem a student is facing. 

In 2022, Your Advice Service opened 988 cases. These cases were for students from across the whole Coventry University Group including Coventry University, Coventry University London, CU Scarborough, CU Coventry, CU London (Greenwich), CU London (Dagenham) and the Hudson, London School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health. 

Of these 988 cases, 892 resulted in positive outcomes for students which included:

  • no action taken in academic misconduct cases
  • securing alternative accommodation
  • successful appeals
  • complaints from students being upheld
  • financial compensation from complaints
  • deferrals and extensions being accepted
  • resolving issues with private landlords
  • successful University Support Fund applications
  • no action taken due to a disciplinary
  • being reinstated onto a course
  • successfully appealing and increasing funding from Student Finance England
  • providing food support
  • waiving tuition fees. 

Other outcomes include cases where the issue was beyond the remit of Your Advice Service and students were signposted on to specialist services or where students didn't respond and the outcome of their case is unknown. 

Through intervention and support from Advice Caseworkers, Your Advice Service saved students a total of £131,464.55 in 2022. These savings were made from successful applications for additional financial support, challenging incorrect SFE living cost awards and increasing the amounts, supporting students to challenge accommodation related costs, financial compensation and tuition fee waivers from complaints. 

96% of students who provided feedback after their case was closed said they would access Your Advice Service again in the future if they had another issue. 96% of students who provided feedback after their case said they would recommend Your Advice Service to a friend. 


Accessing Your Advice Service

You can visit our web pages at to find useful advice and information if you are facing a problem whilst at University. 

You can contact the service by completing our online enquiry form at

You can also book an appointment to see an Advice Caseworker by booking an appointment using our online booking system


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