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Ten Top Tips for International Students from Emmanuella

Leaving home can be quite difficult let alone leaving to a new country! Here are ten top tips to help international students both new and old to assimilate to student life In Scarborough, from your Campus Officer Emmanuella.

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Emma, a Black woman in her 20s, stands smiling at the camera. She wears blue jeans, a blue and white
  1. Always ask for help
    If there is something you aren’t clear about in your studies don’t hesitate to ask for help from the members of staff. Your tutors or the Helpdesk team will be able to answer your question or direct you to someone who can help you.
  2. Make sure all your documentations are sorted
    Getting the appropriate documents ready in advance is vital to help make your enrolment process easier. Click here for more information about the documentation and enrolment process for international students.
  3. Don’t worry about your accent if you have one!
  4. Relationships will grow organically - don’t force them!
    Being in a new environment can feel lonely but you will find your community, don’t worry!
  5. If you feel you or someone close to you are in a crisis or struggling with your mental health don’t be afraid to ask for help.
    At CU Scarborough you can contact the Student Support Team who can provide free welfare support by emailing
    Alternatively you can make use of Your Advice Service which offers free, independent and confidential advice and support. We won't share anything you tell us with the University without your permission. Click here for more information on Your Advice Service.
  6. Be yourself!
    This one is very basic but very important!
  7. Always check your SOLAR, Aula and your student emails.
    There’s key information that you might miss if you ignore it.
  8. Try the many cafes of Scarborough!
    Check out our Unlocking Scarborough page to see more of what Scarborough has to offer.
  9. Visit the seafront!
    For fun or just relaxation the seafront is always a good time.
  10. Join a student group, community, or the Course Rep team.
    Looking to build connections? Joining a society or student community is a sure way to do that. Click the links below to find out more!

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