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We celebrated our amazing team of Course Reps at CU Scarborough with a chilled celebration and awards evening.

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A group photo of six CU Scarborough Course Reps and a Your SU staff member inside Sanctuary Bar.

Course Reps are an integral part of Your Students' Union. They collect student feedback and report it back to the SU and departmental staff at the University, so we can encourage more of the good stuff and work together on what needs improving. This year we wanted to say thank-you to our Course Reps by offering a laid-back celebration evening before most of them conclude their studies for the year. 

We spent the evening at Sanctuary Bar in Scarborough where we enjoyed a delicious buffet. Course Reps all received a thank-you card and Easter egg from Your SU, and we handed out some awards - scroll down to see the winners!

We'd like to say a massive thank-you to our incredible team of Course Reps this year. Hopefully we'll be seeing many of you again in September! 

If you're interested in becoming a Course Rep, you can find out more on this page.

Changemaker Award

This Award goes to one Rep from each curriculum area who has: demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to the role; who made a brilliant effort to collect feedback from across their class; and has worked consistently with staff to develop improvements to their course. 

Rachel Rattigan
Access to HE: Social Sciences
Access to HE Changemaker

Mohammd Rajput
​2nd Year Law and Practice
Engineering, Computing, Finance and Law Changemaker

Shaunna Craggs
3rd Year Early Childhood Development and Learning
Health, Education and Sciences Changemaker

Catriona Martin
2nd Year Business, Management and Leadership
Business, Sport and Hospitality Changemaker

Michelle Brunskill
2nd Year Adult Nursing
Health and Life Sciences Changemaker

Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Award

This award goes to a Rep who has shown amazing commitment to improving the student experience at CU Scarborough, both by getting involved with anything and everything that's going on, and also by taking a lead and developing opportunities for students themselves.

Chris Allon
3rd Year Cyber Security

Outstanding Contribution to Student Voice Award

This award goes to a Rep who has shown outstanding commitment to student voice, by bringing particularly detailed and precise feedback to every single meeting, and working outside of meetings to represent not just their class but all CU Scarborough students on key issues that matter to everyone.

Cherie Fowler
3rd Year Professional Policing


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