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Student Parents/Carers, Have Your Say!

Your Students' Union in Scarborough is running a survey about the experience of students who are parents or carers, with the aim of finding ways we can help improve the student experience. Fill out the survey today!

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An SU staff member holds a sheet of paper out to a student to read.

Why are we running this survey?

Ensuring the University is offering services that improve the lives of students with children/ dependents was a key part of Emmanuella’s manifesto who is the Campus Officer here at CU Scarborough. This survey will help us understand what actions we can take within the SU to achieve this aim.

 We are running this survey to:

1. Understand how many students are parents or carers on our campus;
2. Understand the experience of students parents/carers and the challenges they may have faced during their studies;
3. Collect feedback to present to the University in order to find ways to improve the student experience for student parents/carers;
4. Find ways to use the data to create content and events specific to this demographic.

What do we aim to achieve?

The answers given will assist the Students’ Union in better understanding what could be changed to ensure that student parents/carers are well supported and get the most out of their student experience at CU Scarborough, not only from Your SU but from the University as well. We aim to compile the feedback into a short report covering students' responses and the actions we will take as a result of the survey. 

Why should I complete the survey?

By completing the survey, you will be using your voice to help to shape and improving your university and its services. Also, the information given in this survey will help us provide students with resources and events to improve your eperience. The survey is anonymous unless you choose to provide personal information.

Click here to fill out the survey online. 

If you’d prefer a paper copy, just pop to the Students’ Union office (G.02) to ask for one and hand it back when you’re done. It only takes a few minutes! The last day to fill out the survey will be Friday 2nd February. 



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