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Society Excellence Award Winners 2023-2024

The society excellence awards recognise societies who have met the criteria to excel as a society. Check out which societies have achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold standards.

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Students celebrating at Awards

What are the Society Excellence Awards?

Your SU Societies are some of the most hard working and successful students on campus and we want to acknowledge the great work they do during the year. 
We've created criteria for achieving bronze, silver and gold standards for their societies to recognise the activities and initiatives societies deliver. 

Societies can complete criteria across a selection of themes such as Best Practice, Activities, Community and much more. We know that by completing as many criteria as possible will provide their members with a positive and memorable experience. 

Bronze Excellence Awards Recipients

  • Acoustic Music Society

  • Manufacturing Society

  • Rock Music Society

  • Bollywood Society

Silver Excellence Award Recipients

  • Manufacturing Society

  • Acoustic Music Society

  • KPOP Dance Society

  • Aerospace Society

  • Bollywood Society

  • Windband Society

Gold Excellence Awards Recipients

  • Manufacturing Society

Why not visit their society webpage to explore their next events and updates? 




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