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The London Greenground Map

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A map of London's green spaces connected together in a tube map style

The London "Greenground" Map

A map of London's greenspaces connected together in a tube map style

Note: highest resolution version is available on the artist's website. (c) Helen Ilus - Art takes time and is work - please consider donating to the artist if you find this resource useful.


The London Greenground map, designed by graphic artist Helen Ilus, is an innovative creation that connects hundreds of London parks and green spaces. Inspired by the iconic London Tube Map, this map serves as a network of walking routes, with parks acting as “stations” throughout the capital. Here are the key features of the Greenground map:

  1. Design:

    • Unlike traditional tube maps, the Greenground map is non-geographical. It simplifies the network into straight lines and 45-degree bends, while still maintaining approximate distances between each link.
    • The map intentionally passes through parks, woods, and linear walks like canal towpaths and river paths.
    • It is not meant for way-finding but rather as an inspiration for walkers and cyclists to plan outdoor days.
    • The latest version encourages a slower pace, mindfulness, and a deeper connection with nature.
    • It highlights places where you can pause and observe nature in a quieter environment.
    • The outskirts of the city offer the best air quality and widest green coverage, but hidden gems can be found throughout London.
  2. Symbols and Features:

    • Symbols on the map indicate good birdwatching spots, impressive views, tree-shaded areas, and particularly quiet oases.
    • The map has evolved over the years and now includes approximately 1,200 linked places across all 32 boroughs and beyond.
  3. Access and Support:

The Greenground map is a valuable resource for discovering London’s green spaces and planning outdoor adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned Londoner or a newcomer, it reveals hidden gems and invites you to connect with nature in the heart of the city




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