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Campus Officer Update - Block 2

Find out what your CU Scarborough Campus Officer has been up to during Block 2!

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Hi everyone, hope you are keeping warm! We’ve come to the end of Block 2, although this block was less busy than Block 1 it was still an exciting one with a variety of activities. 

 At the start of the block to kick off the activities we had a by-election to elect the new campus officer and NUS delegates. Congratulations to the respective winners! We also had our first ever Diwali celebration at CU Scarborough which was a areat success and a great way to learn about new cultures. This was also a massive highlight of this block as I enjoyed researching and putting together the display for Diwali. We had the Christmas tree decorating as well which was great fun. Big thanks to the students who helped and to the wonderful tutor who did the honours of putting up the Christmas star. 

As part of Disability History Month, we were thrilled to announce that sunflower lanyards are now available courtesy of Your SU. If you would benefit from one feel free to visit the Students’ Union office to get one. Find out more about sunflower lanyards here

A big part of a Campus Officer’s duties is the meetings. By week 4 it was time for Student Voice Meetings where I meet with Course Reps to discuss student feedback. This block there was a lot of useful discussions about personal responsibility and how that can be encouraged, as well as the impact of cost of living on students. I also attend the Union Affairs meeting virtually with other Union Officers. At this meeting I and other Campus Officers raised the pressing issue about equity amongst campuses. Following all this I had meetings with senior staff members of both the University and the Students’ Union to raise the feedback and questions of students. Hopefully the issues raised will be resolved in due time. We're still recruiting Course Reps, so if you'd like to join the team and help make a difference on campus, sign up here!

As a win of this block, I am glad to announce that the café will start providing hot water urns after they close at 4pm. This is directly as a result of students' feedback asking for this to be provided, so thank you to our hard working Course Reps for making this happen. The hot water can be accessed by students without charge and hassle, enabling you to make your own hot drinks or even cuppa soups. Please make sure to take advantage of this so we can prove it’s valuable to students! During the day students can access hot water free of charge from the café team. We continue to lobby for other ways for students to make their own hot food on campus. 

Also, a big congratulations to the second year Acting students on their hard work of not only starring but writing, editing and directing their short film, it was a very riveting piece of work. Finally, as I write this preparations are underway for the next staff versus students football match! Thanks to those who have taken the lead to organise this, and best of luck to all the players – especially the students! 

I am looking forward to Block 3 as I will be wrapping up my time as Campus Officer by conducting a survey about the experience of students with children/dependents on how we can give them the best support as well as advocate for their support to the University.  

Good luck everyone on your assignments, stay safe and keep warm during this cold weather, and happy holidays to all who celebrate. See you in 2024! 





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