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Getting the most out of Welcome: Insider tips from Your Officers

Not sure what to expect during Welcome 2023? Make sure you don't miss this guide from our existing Officer to ensure you make the most of Welcome!

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The four full time Officers (l-r) Panchami (Education Officer), Julia (Activities Officer), Aparna (

Welcome is an overwhelming time for a student. There are many events going on every single day and it can easily become too much. As Officers, we have had the opportunity to experience one or more Welcome periods, so we would like to think we are slowly becoming professionals; especially after being able to plan them this year! Below we will offer you a list of things that ensure you get the most out of this year's Welcome...

Take it easy, it last for four weeks! 

For the first time this year, we are offering a four-week-long Welcome. With our university having a strong international student community, we found that many were not able to attend Welcome events due to not yet arriving to Coventry. Considering this, we have extended the one-week-long Welcome to a four-week-long one, to ensure every single student is able to enjoy the events offered.  

Enjoy the freebies! 

Guess what? When you show up at some of our Welcome events, you're in for a treat – a whole range of goodies up for grabs for every single student. Talk about a win-win! Join up with the communities and get yourself some epic swag from the community teams. Pronoun badges, tote bags, lanyards, and more – it's all there for the taking!

Officer event tips 

Speaking of awesome stuff, we've got some fantastic Officer Events in the works. Here's the insider tip: plan out your outfits, people! We've got a sweet day event going down at Starley Garden, so bring on those comfy, vibrant threads. The evening party on Wednesday 4 October is a whole different ballgame – it's gonna be glam central, especially since there's going to be a rocking dance floor. 

Now, here's the icing on the cake – you'll find a photobooth at both of these events! That means you and your new squad can strike a pose and get clicked in your favourite outfits. Ready to make some memories? Let's do this! 

Check the website and Instagram for regular updates on events

This is the number one tip. To avoid missing out interesting events that are planned across the month, you need to follow us on Instagram and visit website regularly for the updates. Follow us on Instagram (@covunistudents) to not only receive updates but also to engage with others from the student community. Comment, like, and share – it's a great way to connect with fellow students and join the conversations that matter to you. Being plugged into our platforms means you're the first to know about exclusive events, early bird registrations, and surprise announcements. Stay ahead of the game and secure your spot in the most sought-after activities.



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