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Introduction to Your Officers

Find out more about the full-time Officer team that will be representing you during the next academic year!

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The four full time Officers (l-r) Panchami (Education Officer), Julia (Activities Officer), Aparna (

Back in April, we unveiled the new full-time Officer team ahead of the 2023/24 academic year. Now, they are two months into their roles and have been working hard on their personal aims for the year, and to ensure that Welcome 2023 is the biggest and best ever! 

Aparna Golla - Community Officer

Hello, I'm Aparna, your Community Officer for this year.

Our ongoing goal has been to create a more inclusive environment for our students. This year, I plan to collaborate closely with you all to ensure that we uphold equality, celebrate diversity, and actively promote inclusivity. I extend a warm welcome to everyone, and I'm excited to make our committee meetings even more productive and advantageous for our students. 

Panchami Satheesh - Education Officer

Hi, my dear beautiful souls, I'm Panchami Satheesh. I am your Education Officer and student governor!

In this academic year I would be advocating for a better academic experience. Throughout my time at Coventry University, I have gained valuable experience serving as a Student Ambassador, peer mentor, and Education Transformation Rep. I will be actively engaging with all of you by gathering your feedback through initiatives like Your Course Conversations and feedback stalls. I also will be overseeing the rep system across Coventry University Group. Additionally, as a student governor, I would be collaborating with university staff, lead campaigns, and working in shaping policies that resonate with student interests. As I would be working closely with Education Executive committee, I would be making sure that students voice is heard. Get ready to make your mark, and I can't wait to welcome you to an inspiring year ahead. 

Julia Reszka - Activities Officer

Hello, my name is Julia, and I am your Activities Officer for this year!

During my academic journey, I've actively participated in various roles within the Students’ Union. My dedication revolves around enhancing the significance of extracurricular activities, sports, and volunteer work in students' university lives. In the coming year, my primary objective is to rebuild the spirit of our CU group. Fostering a university-wide sense of unity holds immense importance as it cultivates a feeling of belonging, pride, and nurtures a strong communal bond, ultimately contributing to a rewarding university journey. I am committed to closely collaborating with the Students’ Union to effectively realise my aspirations for the year ahead. 

Akhil Sha - Welfare Officer

Greetings! I'm Akhil Sha, Your Students’ Union Welfare Officer and student Governor.

With an MBA in Artificial Intelligence, my passion lies in fostering a supportive and inclusive student community. I am committed to partnering closely with the university to prioritise students' needs and enhance inclusive policies. I will stand with students to combat the cost of living crisis by implementing essential student services around campus. Additionally, I will take the lead in tackling financial fraud, scams and also reduce students’ addiction to alcohol and promote socials with other alternative budget friendly drinks to promote mental health. Over the course of the year, I will actively participate in numerous meetings to voice the concerns and perspectives of students. These meetings include the Board of Governors, welfare and safety services meetings, education committees, and the Board of Trustees. I am excited about the year ahead and eager to initiate impactful campaigns!



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