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Your LGBTQIA+ Community Book and Film Recommendations

We collected book and film recommendations from staff and students about LGBTQIA+ people's lives and experiences. Read on to find some new books to add to your reading list, and some films to watch too!

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The Renegade, by Amy Dunne - anonymous recommendation 

'Great storyline, with relatable characters and some great description that really brings the book to life.'

The Transgender Issue, by Shon Faye - recommended by Jack Craig, LGBTQIA+ Students Community Engagement Lead, studying Psychology BSc

'Shon's non-fiction piece explores the issues facing the Transgender community across the United Kingdom and makes a fair and honest argument of queer liberation'

100 Queer Poems - anonymous recommendation

'The book fully represents each sexuality and talks through experiences and stories that everyone should know and can relate to.' 

The Hand, the Eye and the Heart, by Zoë Marriott - recommended by Maryam Ali, Education Engagement Assistant Manager at Your SU 

'Zoe has done an outstanding job at bringing to life the essence of Mulan whilst discussing a great array of issues our society faces today. I would read this all over again, this book is a keeper.'

Old Enough, by Haley Jakobson - anonymous recommendation

'an accessible story for young adults about finding your identity in a university setting'. Trigger warning: themes of sexual assault 

The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida, by Shehan Karunatilaka - recommended by Florence Buckley, Activities Engagement Coordinator at Your SU 

'Set during the Civil War in Sri Lanka, the book follows the protagonist Maali Almeida, who wakes up dead and has seven moons to figure out who killed him and to contact is loved ones' 



Badhai Do- anonymous recommendation 

'An Indian film based on Lavender Marriage of a lesbian woman to a gay man' 

Out in the Dark - anonymous recommendation 

'The film deals with the romantic relationship between an Israeli lawyer and a Palestinian psychology student. The film demonstrates that the law may be fragile and not always on the side of LGBTQ+ community'


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