Kushang Choudhary<br>(He/Him/His)<br>&amp;<br>Layna Forbes<br>(She/Her/Hers)

College of the Arts and Society Officer

Kushang Choudhary
Layna Forbes

Hi, I'm Kushang Choudhary, College of Arts and Societies Officer

Being the College of the Arts and Society Officer, it’s my main goal to enhance the student’s experience.  I’ll be helping to bridge the gap between the students and the Students’ Union. I’m focusing on creating a better environment for all the international students.  Doing this would make the students focus on their studies and be interactive and socialised with the diversified population of our university. I’m on my path to creating a better place "a home away from home". I’m looking forward to helping students in every aspect possible.

Hello students. My name is Layna Forbes, College of Arts and Societies Officer

I’m studying BA in Criminology and Psychology at Coventry University. As your College of Arts and Societies Officer, I’m passionate about creating an accommodating and supportive university for all the students. My main goal is to increase equity within the university, and I’ll be actively working with the Students’ Union to achieve this.

To help me achieve my main goal, I will engage with students to receive their feedback and recommendations to help me take their voices further during multiple meetings and bring active change. Also, I'll be actively increasing the students' psychological capital by introducing new opportunities within the student's course. This includes guest speakers, external connections, and trips to increase confidence and consider what is possible for them beyond their studies.

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