Vinaya Jijesh

Business and Law College Officer

Vinaya Jijesh

Dear Fellow Students, I'm Vinaya Jijesh, Business and Law College Officer

As your College Officer for Business and Law, we’re all on this journey together for a future where every voice echoes, every wellbeing is nurtured, and every student is equipped with the skills to thrive.

I am pursuing an MSc in International Business Management at Coventry University.

Through my journey, I've gained invaluable insights into the importance of empathy and resilience and being grateful for everything we have in life. These lessons have shaped my commitment to supporting and uplifting my fellow students, especially in times of need.

My focus on this journey will be to amplify student voices, advocate for wellbeing, raise mental health awareness, and provide opportunities for skill development and support for women with gynaecological issues.

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